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How college students can find the right internship opportunity

Jagran Josh


Internships are not only important for earning money but also for the valuable experience they help you gain by working in a professional environment. It is for this reason that a lot of colleges have made it mandatory for the students to do an internship so that when they go out into the professional world, they have a fair idea of what they are expected to do. If you are also looking for an internship but do not know how to, here are ways in which you can:

1. Plan ahead

Just like other area of employment, even the internship sector has started witnessing cut throat competition to choose the best candidate out of the millions who send in their applications. Keep track of invitations sent by the companies for the internship opportunities and plan to accordingly. You can also refer to portals like where a lot of companies put their requirement for an intern. For instance: If you have to do an internship in May or June, it would be good to start making a list of companies you want to apply in, in February or March so that you have enough time to select your favorite internship and/or have an optional one to fall back on.

2. Read about the company

Before sending out the applications, read in detail about the mission and vision of the company. Read about their background to know better about the kind of things they will be expecting from you. Additionally, it will help you crack the interviews where you can show off this extra knowledge to get brownie points.

3. Format your resume well

The first thing that a possible employer will see on your resume is the text. For that reason, it is very important that you make the right first impression. Choose a professional font in size 11 or 12. Times New Roman is the classic serif font, while Arial and Calibri are two of the better choices for sans-serif. Even though sans serif fonts are more popular for resume, Yahoo cites Helvetica as the best font to use for your resume

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Many individuals find that Times New Roman is a little hard to read on a screen. If you are emailing your resume, consider using Georgia instead for a more readable serif font.

You can use multiple fonts for different parts of your resume, but try to limit it to two. Instead of changing between fonts, try emboldening or italicizing specific selections of text instead.

The font size for your header and the introduction to a section may 14 or 16, but otherwise, you should choose 11 or 12.

Your text should always be printed in solid black ink. Make sure to deactivate any hyperlinks (like to your email, address, and phone number) so that they don’t print in blue or another non-black colour.

4. Show interest in learning

While it may be too early to say what you want to do in life, even having an idea about what you want to do will work wonders for you. Stay up-to-date about latest trends in the market or industry to maximise your knowledge base. Make following up with the companies an important habit because there are hundreds of students who apply for the said opportunity of working as an intern. Following up will showcase your interest in the company and also impress concerned officials, who will be more than glad to eventually hire you.

5. Approach things with correct attitude

Your attitude at work plays an important role in your productivity and job performance. A positive attitude is conducive to occupational success, whereas a negative attitude is counter-productive. Colleagues and customers don’t like associating with employees who have bad attitudes. Having a positive outlook will also enable you to enjoy work more and feel better about yourself. Therefore, if you do not have a positive attitude, change your behaviour to improve your work experience.


To conclude, internships are a great way of learning by doing and it is important that you don't take them lightly because the connections you make at this time will help you in setting up contacts in future when you will need a job and right kind of people to endorse your skills.

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