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How playing games can help you succeed at work?

Gaurav Macwan

In today’s digital age, games have become an integral part of our existence. Especially with smartphones and mobile gaming apps ruling the roost, college students and young working professionals can often be found spending hours playing candy crush or many other popular games. But, did you know that your obsession with playing games on your mobile or computer can also help you improve your performance at work and help you succeed in your professional life. No, Right!

But, as per the recent study, the psychology of Gamification is one of the most innovative concepts that can help enhance work performance among young working population. Most new age games, especially designed for mobile devices are developed keeping in mind the psychological state of young office goers. There are different ways in which mobile games such as clash of clans and candy crush can help you improve your discipline at work and help you achieve success in office.

Still don’t believe us? You don’t have to! Let’s take a look at few different ways in which playing mobile games can help you enhance your work performance.

Help to focus on goal

Office life is all about targets and goals. Every day in office is a race against pressing deadline to achieve your daily targets and put in a remarkable performance. This is also the case when it comes to games, especially mobile games. In games, we go through different challenges and obstructions in order to achieve the ultimate goal of winning the game. Playing games help us develop singular focus upon our goal and help us design a strategy to overcome any and all challenges that come in our way. So, the first major advantage of playing games is that they help us develop a singular focus on our goal and help us move ahead in life.

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Increases engagement without fatigue

Ever saw a tired gamer? No, Right! Even after hours of gaming and sitting with your eyes staring wide at the screen; gamers never get tired. Not only that, the addictive nature of the games make it very difficult for players to quit games or move away from them. This is possible only because of the game mechanics and psychology of gaming that is used by game developers to keep the user engaged in the game.

The same strategy can also be applied to the work that awaits us in the office. If we are able to transform our work commitments into engaging targets; even office goers will be able to put in hours of work without feeling tired or fatigued. This kind of engagement not only helps in putting in long hours at work but also brings out the best within you.

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Provides Intrinsic Motivation

Games are known to give us challenges that help us develop our skills and enhance our abilities in order to achieve the ultimate goal of winning. In the process of going through different levels of game, we end up practicing more and more and with every failure we improve our performance marginally. Similarly, if you also gamify your work and the professional challenges that await us, there is a good chance that you will find the motivation to not only complete the work but also develop your skills and competence along with it.

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Increase productivity

The old adage of ‘Practice makes man perfect’ holds true when it comes to your office life.The more time we spend doinga particular work, the more excellence we gain in that. It’s a simple and basic formula to gain excellence in any kind of work. But, the result of giving more time in a particular work could be different from the above when we don’t take interest in the kind of work we do. So, what can keep ourinterest in any kind of work that we do is gamifying the work.  Generally, we don’t get bored of spending more time on playing games in which we have more interest. So, professionals will not get bothered while spending more time on particular kind of work which he/she has interest in.

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As a kid we were often told that working in an office is not a child’s play, but in today’s current times it doesn’t really matter. Games can be a great way to improve your performance at work and be successful in office. Different scenarios that games, especially mobile games developed specifically to enhance our cognitive functions, can play a major role when it comes to learning new skills, developing the right perspective and cultivating a winning attitude among office goers.

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