How professionals can change career with these LinkedIn tips

The LinkedIn is considered as the most popular professional networking tool which is largely used by the professionals for searching new jobs as well as connecting with the other members of the community.  From entering the industry to building relation with industry influencers, a LinkedIn profile plays an important role in fulfilling the career aspirations of the professionals. It helps them to showcase their expertise, skills, knowledge, and due amount of experience they posses, that develops a favourable condition for their appointment as well as their career growth in a new organisation. In short, LinkedIn is helpful in searching new jobs and connecting with other professionals of the community.

However, it can also be used for career change. For it, the professionals require to know how they can use the different sections of LinkedIn to change their career. In this article, we have explained how professionals can use their LinkedIn profile to change their career. Take a look!


Headline of your LinkedIn profile is the place where you can play big and win over the recruiters. So, try to make it simple, crisp, and eye-catching. Don't forget to mention what you want to do as a part of your new job responsibility. Highlight how you're good at doing what the new field require you to do as part of job responsibility. It can help you to catch the attention of recruiters when they begin to search for the professionals useful for them. The addition of providing the valuable information about the skills, knowledge and experience useful for them, you can easily get the opportunity to appear in pre-selection process. And your new employer will hire you if you meet their expectations in the job interview and other pre-selection requirement of the company. In this way, you can use the headline of your LinkedIn profile to change your career.

Job location selection

Suppose, you're looking for an IT job in your current location where there is a few number of opportunities. Therefore, it can become hard for you to change your career. So, modify your LinkedIn profile with preferred job title and job location. Get ready to move to the cities where you can successfully get the job opportunity. Mostly, the professionals couldn't change their career because they don't want to move to the city where the job opportunity is available in plenty. In fact, mobility is among the important reasons of unemployment that we are facing today. So, get ready to move to the city where there is a plenty of opportunity waiting for you. This is how you can use your LinkedIn profile to change your career by modifying it with appropriate job location.


Doing thorough research is something that can help you a lot to change your career. Imagine, you see IT sector as your new career destination and want to find top companies of the industry. With the use of certain keywords, you can easily find and grow connections & groups in your target industry. It can help you to know what is currently happening in the industry. You can safely change your career with the help of the information you gather from professionals and connections related to the target industry.  So, go to the search bar on the top of your profile and begin to search connections and group belonging to the targeted industry. You can also turn off activity broadcast and can restrict others to see your important feeds.

Focus on relevant accomplishments

Your achievements are important for career change especially if it's useful to the new job you have selected as a part of career change. So, modify your LinkedIn profile with your achievements. But try to highlight only those achievements which are most relevant to the new job you're looking for. It can help employers understand how you're useful for their organisation when they come across your LinkedIn profile. And they will call you for the other pre-selection process once they get interested in you. You can get an opportunity to build your career and achieve success in the industry where you're looking for a job as a part of your career change. 


What help you can take from LinkedIn profile summary to change your career? How can it help you to get noticed by hiring managers? While they briefly see your name and profile picture, the summary of a LinkedIn profile is somewhat that is deeply examined by the employers. So, try to create simple, crisp, and attracting summary. Show how you’re useful for your new employers while modifying the summary section of your LinkedIn profile. It can help you to catch the attention of potential employers when they see your profile. You can get the opportunity to enter the new industry if your performance in pre-selection process meets the expectation of the employers or recruiters.


A LinkedIn profile helps the professionals in many ways during their professional life.  From job search to building relation with industry influencers, it plays an important role. In this article, we have tried to explain how you can change your career with the help of your LinkedIn profile.

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