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How to analyse Job Description before applying for a Job?

Nidhi Gupta

Everyone knows that finding a job is a tough task in today’s competitive environment. But,  what’s more difficult than that is to find the right job that is in sync with your skills and abilities while also addressing your career growth needs.

But how will you identify if the job is a right match for you or not? The answer to this million dollar question is ‘job description’. The first stepping stone to successful job search is in carefully analyzing the job description and preparing the cover letter accordingly. You can even tailor your resume according to the requirements of the job description.

So let’s take a look at the ways to analyse the job description for landing up with a successful job offer:

1. Read the summary carefully

Every company prepares a short job summary that defines basic duties of the job in one or two sentences. It is mentioned at the top of job description and is aimed to provide core understanding of the role expected from the potential candidate. Job description serves as a means to talk about the expectations of management from the employee.

For example: The Admissions Coordinator is responsible for administering the admissions and registration processes and providing administrative support to the Program Director.

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This example explicitly talks about the job title, expected role and the hierarchy to follow in the organizational structure.

2. Understand roles and responsibilities of the job

Another key area to focus in the job description is roles and responsibilities of the job. It contains a list of duties and responsibilities related with the role.

For example: a person looking for job in the financial vertical will see responsibilities such as, assess financial risk, perform audits of non-financial areas, like health & safety and IT.

For those who wish to take up these roles can apply for the job. But if your interest rests in auditing financial statements and assess accounts then you should preferably screen out this option.

3. Zero down on the skills required in the job

When employer floats a job description, the look for specific skill set in individuals so that the applicant is in the position to discharge responsibility of the role perfectly. When you read the job description make sure that you must be skilled at the requirements mentioned in the description. If you fail to fulfill the skills mentioned in it, you can expect an outright rejection.

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For example: if you are applying for a content writing job and the organization expects you to have a Master degree in mass communication, then do not apply if you possess Master’s in philosophy or check with the HR personnel once, before applying for the vacancy.

4. Focus on salary band being offered

Management sets aside a specific band in which they plan to remunerate the potential employee. In every job description there is a component known as ‘salary’ that mentions the paying capacity of the employee within which you can negotiate your best price.

For example

Comparing both the job descriptions mentioned above, it can be seen that some recruiters mention job description, while others maintain the secrecy. They analyse the competencies of the candidate and offer the salary as per the market trend.

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5. Experience of the candidate also matters

Experience plays a vital role in getting a candidate shortlisted. While some organizations look for candidates with relevant experience, some are open for freshers as well. It depends upon the culture and budget earmarked by the organization towards hiring of the employee.

For example:

If a fresher apply for this job, he/she can expect being screened out in the preliminary round. The rationale for hiring experienced employee can be numerous, but if they want a seasoned professional, they will not bargain the same salary band for a fresher.

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