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Tips to attempt the Board exam papers/How to attempt a question paper in board exam?

Mayank Uttam

Students appearing in CBSE Class 10 and Class 12 board exams often complain about lengthy question paper. After the exam, most of the students say that they knew everything in the paper but unable to answer all the questions as the paper was too lengthy. Most of the students appearing for board exams are not able to finish the question paper within the given timeframe. During board exam, proper time management is extremely important in order to attempt the complete question paper within time.

In order to help the students, here are some important tips which students can follow as per their convenience

Go through the complete paper in first 15 minutes

After getting question paper a student should first check for the number of questions and pages in the question paper. First, make sure that there are no missing or unordered pages in the question paper. If everything is fine, then students should quickly go through all the questions of the question paper. While going through the question paper, students should point out the questions which are easy to solve.

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Don’t stick to any specific order

Before the starting of the exam, some students have a specific mindset (or make a strategy) that they will solve from section D to section A or section A to section D of the question paper.
It is important that Students should not stick to any specific order. Students should set priorities while going through the paper in first 15 minutes (allotted for the reading of question paper).
It may be possible that questions of section A and section D are easy in comparison to the questions of other sections. So, students should solve section A (as it is easy) then section D and other section afterward.

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Divide your time judiciously

Students should divide their time judiciously so that they get enough time to solve all the sections of the question paper. Students should also keep some time for revision after they have completed the question paper.

For example: Suppose you are going to give CBSE Class 12th Physics board exam 2018 in which there are 5 sections (A, B, C, D and E). There will be 5 questions (1 mark each) in section A, 5 short answer type questions (2 marks each) in section B, 12 questions (3 marks each) in section C, 1 question (4 marks) in section D and 3 questions (5 marks) in section E.

If questions of section A, section D and section E are easy in comparison to the questions of section B and section C, then, students should first solve section A, section D and section E in 1 to 1½ hours. Afterward, students should jump to other sections B and section C.

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Don’t get stuck

While solving the paper, students should not get stuck on any particular question. Leave the question if you are not able to recall the answer within 1 to 2 minute of reading a question.
At times there is a situation when students know the answer to only a part of the question. In that situation, students should write what they know and jump to another question. Students can come back to such questions later as soon as they finish with the rest of the paper.

With practice and tips mentioned above, students of CBSE Class 10 and Class 12 can easily finish their paper in time.

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