How to Calculate CGPA/Percentage from CBSE Class 10th Result?

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Class 10th Result 2016 was announced on 28th May 2016. CBSE declared the exam results in the form of CGPA. Therefore, students must be aware of this newest form of result format. The CGPA or Cumulative Grade Points Average is the average of the grade points achieved in all subjects, except the additional 6th subject as per CBSE Scheme of Studies.

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Formula to calculate CGPA / Percentage for CBSE 10th Result 2016

If you receive the CBSE Result for Class 10th this year, here’s a brief explanatory piece of information related to CGPA. 

Calculation of Percentage from CGPA

Subject wise percentage

9.5 X Grade Point of the subject

Calculation of Overall CGPA

Overall Percentage

9.5 X Overall CGPA

1. Add the Grade Points of each subject (excluding additional 6thsubject)

2. Divide the sum by 5

3. Overall CGPA!

How to calculate CGPA for CBSE 10th Class Result 2016?

As per the general trend, the scorecard issued online for the CBSE 10th Result would include the CGPA scored by the student in the examination. But if you have any doubts, you can calculate the same on own quite easily by following these simple steps. 

Step (i): Add Grade points for all the five main subjects

Step (ii): Divide this figure by 5

Step (iii): The end result would be your CGPA


If your grade points for the five main subjects are: Subject A: 9; Subject B: 7; Subject C: 6; Subject D: 7; and Subject E: 8

Step (i): Then the total of your grade points would be: 9+7+6+7+8 = 37

Step (ii): Divide this number by 5: 37/5 = 7.4

Step (iii): Your CGPA is 7.4

How to calculate total percentage from CGPA?

If you want to know your CBSE 10th Result in terms of overall percentage, it is quite easy to calculate it.

(i). CGPA x 9.5 = overall percentage

(ii). Therefore, 7.4 (CGPA) x 9.5 = 70.30%

Students can also refer the official websites of the Board for details in this regard.

With the declaration of CBSE results are declared, students start planning for higher education. Using the score of CBSE 10th Result, students can apply for various colleges and institutes in any of the three streams available: Arts, Science or Commerce. Confusion at this stage is obvious therefore; students are suggested to take the help of jagranjosh experts and counselors, in this regard.

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