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How to crack GD – Extempore Rounds for Admission to FMS Delhi?

Gaurav Macwan

Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi or FMS Delhi conducts GD and Extempore rounds as part of MBA admission process to screen aspirants seeking admission to the MBA programme. While Group Discussion is a round held by different B-schools as part of its screening mechanism, only FMS Delhi conducts Extempore Round as part of its admission process. To help future aspirants understand the process, students and toppers from FMS Delhi share their experience and tips about how to crack GD – Extempore Rounds for admission to FMS Delhi. They will share specific tips; inputs and advices that will help them understand and prepare well for GD and Extempore Round for MBA admission to FMS Delhi.

Extracts from the Interview


President, Vihaan Social Service Cell,

FMS Delhi

In order to be a part of FMS, there are three different stages of selection.  First one is GD, the second is extempore and third one is PI.  For GD, you need to ensure that you are thorough with all the activities, all the news events that are currently going on, for that you can go through newspapers, you can have your own group discussion with your peers. For extempore, the topics are basically on the basis of your work you have done and on the basis of your background, so be thorough with that. And, you need not need worry about how you are going to go there, just be very confident and crisp and clear in whatever you speak over there. And, for your PI as I previously said, for any interview, you need to be thorough with yourself, what kind of work you have done and be very confident and firm in whatever you speak.

Thanmay Krishna

Finance Secretary, MSA

FMS Delhi

The extempore round as part of the MBA admission or selection process is unique to FMS Delhi. By the very nature of this round, it gives aspirants a unique opportunity to shine through and beat the competition through their knowledge and talent. During an extempore round, aspirants will be given about 60 or 90 seconds to prepare for a brief talk on any topic of national importance or related to current affairs or from the business world. For this, the best approach is to be ready with your current affairs by reading newspapers regularly. This will help the aspirants stay aware with the current happenings. While articulating your thoughts in an extempore round, candidates must ensure that they are confident, crisp and articulate.

Rezvin Basheer 

General Secretary, MSA

FMS Delhi

When it comes to the extempore round, the topics could vary from abstract to very specific topics. Therefore, while preparing for the Extempore Round, aspirants need to be very thorough with their CV. Simply put, you must thoroughly know everything that you have pursued or accomplished in your academic, professional and personal life so far. For instance, if you are from an Army School, you might be asked a question related to that. Or, you may get questions related to your home state or the region that you belong to. Similarly, you also might get to face questions about your work experience, the industry that you have worked in and other similar questions.  Through such questions, the interviewers try to assess the awareness of the aspirants.

The general tendency of aspirants during a GD round is to be aggressive and start the conversation, thinking that it will get them more points. However, the GD assessment panel, which comprises of professors and alumni are aware of such tactics and therefore do not pay heed to them.  The posture of a candidate plays a very important role when it comes to cracking Group Discussion Rounds. So, try and be calm, composed and confident during your GD and Extempore Rounds and you will surely sail through them.

Ravi Kumar

1st Year Student,

FMS Delhi

Generally, the best way to crack GD round as part of the MBA selection is by guiding the discussion. The general approach of being aggressive in a Group Discussion often works against the candidate. Therefore, instead of trying to be loud or aggressive, it is better, if you try and drive the discussion ahead towards a constructive consensus or a common agreement point. The GD assessment panel will evaluate your contribution to the discussion on the basis of these factors.

For the Extempore round, in which you have to express your views about any topic in a limited timeframe, the key lies in having a clear mind, staying calm and having composed thoughts. During an extempore round, you get around 2-3 minutes to express your thoughts and opinions on a given topic. Therefore, continuous flow of thoughts is very crucial to succeed in Extempore Round.

Rahul Philip

President, Systems & Operations Society

FMS Delhi

For GD rounds and Extempore rounds, the important thing is that you should be able to structure your basic argumentation or your opinion. In addition, you should also have some kind of a factual backing to your argument or the point that you are trying to make. Backed by statistics and data, your argument sounds more credible and makes more sense. So, try and add some facts and figures to your argument, it will make it more understandable and also help you impress the GD and Extempore panel.

Shubhangi Jain

1st Year Student,

FMS Delhi

Extempore Round, as part of the MBA admissions screening process, is unique to FMS Delhi, while GD round is conducted by many other B-schools as well. To prepare for Extempore round, you should jot down a few points and hot topics that are trending and then practice talking and expressing your views on it in front of a mirror. Alternatively, you can also take 15 seconds to prepare yourself for the topic and then record yourself on a cell-phone. This will help you not only to evaluate the points that you are making in your extempore speech but also highlight the weaknesses in related to your posture, speech and composition of thoughts. For GD as well, aspirants can follow the same approach to prepare a logical chain of thoughts of arguments that can help drive the discussion towards a constrictive consensus.

Shivani Joshi

1st Year Student,

FMS Delhi

For GD and Extempore Rounds, you need to practice speaking about different topics related to current affairs and general awareness. For this, you should practice to prepare your speech content or arguments and enrich it logical points and datain about one minute. You should practice regularly to build confidence which will help you to express your thoughts effectively.

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