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How to Crack SSB Day 1 Process

Jagran Josh

Service Selection Board (SSB): It is set by the ministry of Defence for the recruitment of Officers to the Tri Forces that is Army, Navy and Air force.  The Selection Board consists of senior Officers from defence forces usually in the rank of Major, Colonel, Lt Colonel. The Board consists of psychologists, GTO to check the candidate’s ability for defence forces.

After getting shortlisted in written examination candidates are called for SSB interview which is a 5 days process. Before starting the SSB interview, candidates need to report one day before which includes document checking and form filling. They are supposed to report at the place mentioned in their call letter. Mostly they are asked to report at MCO (Moment Control Office).

Procedure for DAY 1 is given below:


During the first day of SSB tests, following tests are conducted:

•Intelligence test,  

•Picture Perception and Description Test(PPDT),

•Filling up of Personal Information Questionnaire(PIQ) forms

Intelligence test: In this, candidate’s ability is checked whether they are capable to solve the problem in Aptitude, reasoning, verbal etc. Time is less and candidates need to solve number of questions correctly. Mostly it comprises of 50 questions to be solved in 30 minutes.

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Picture Perception: In this test, a slide is shown for 30 seconds which is hazy/ clear and they have to observe it carefully for next 1 minute and have to mark a number of characters shown in the picture to write down a story on the sheet provided. Parameters can be Age, sex of the character, mood (negative/ positive, to observe its past, present or future. They also need to identify the first character they saw in the picture which is the main character. In 3 minutes candidates need to write down a story which should not be confused with describing the picture.
Picture Description: The candidates are given back the sheets to revise the stories and are told to sit in a semi-circle for a Group Discussion.  Each candidate will narrate his/ her stories without looking at the sheet to other candidates in a duration of 1 minute. When all the candidates are done with the narration of the story then everyone in the group discuss and come to the common story. Though it is evident that each candidate will perceive the same picture with different theme, story, background etc from one another which is called PPDT (Picture Perception and Description Test). After completion of this test, results are announced. Those, who cannot clear this test, have to go back home and the selected ones are retained for next procedure.
Personal Information Questionnaire (PIQ)
:  The selected candidates are required to fill the bio data which is known as PIQ. It is a very crucial part of SSB. It contains various details about the candidate which gives the assessor an idea to judge better and to understand the personality. One must take PIQ very seriously and should fill with proper attention, inaccurate information, or too much of boasting will lead you in trouble.

All the candidates should prepare themselves for the SSB interview which is challenging in nature but it can be cracked if proper preparation is done.

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