How to Impress Your Interviewer?


Job Interviews are all about your personality. The more likable personality you possess, the better are your chances of cracking the job interview. Therefore, the first and foremost thing that you need to do in a job interview is to win over the interviewer or the interview panel by impressing them.

When it comes to impressing your interviewer, there are certain things that an HR professional looks for in a candidate. If you are able to fulfil these basic aspects, then impressing your interviewer becomes a very easy and tangible task. Still wondering what are these aspects that can help you impress the interviewer and win the dream job for you? Let’s find out.

Dress Properly

When it comes to job interviews the old adage ‘first impression is the last impression’ stands true. And how can you build a good first impression over your interviewer? Clothes! Yes, dressing properly is something that will surely catch the first attention of the interviewer, therefore be very careful and specific while dressing for a job interview.

Every interviewer possesses a unique sense of appropriate attire. So, taking a decision of what to wear can be tricky. But the general rule says that one should dress one or two level higher than the designation that he/she is interviewing for. Formal wear is compulsory. While dressing, make sure that you are comfortable in your clothes and can carry them off easily. For instance, wearing high heels for an interview might not be a good idea, if they are killing your feet.

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Crack the Small Talk

Generally, every interview would have the first few questions that are aimed at small talk for instance ‘tell me something about yourself’. Such questions are intended to get the conversation going and ease the tension, while also helping the interviewer gauge your confidence level and preparedness. So, be ready for such typical job interview questions and prepare for them well. Cracking these questions will help you build some positive momentum for the business end of the interview.

Avoid Blaming Others

There is a lot question which may put pressure on you. If an interviewer asks you that why did you leave your last organisation or that why have you left so many organisations, you should not blame the organisation, co-workers, seniors, and superiors. If an aspirant blames others, he might be perceived as a person who doesn’t take responsibility for his actions and career growth. Therefore, under no circumstances you mist blame others. Your answers should be honest and must convey your career decisions in a clear and positive manner. 

Highlight Your Skills, Ability& Background

Once you get to the business end of the job interview, the focus of the discussion will shift to your skills, potential as well as academic and professional background. The final decision of your interviewer will depend upon your ability to highlight and present these aspects. So, try to present these aspects in an organized and professional manner. If the interviewer has any queries or questions about them, you must answer them until they are satisfied.

Keep your praise credible & realistic

During a job interview, praises and compliments can work in your favour, but only if you keep them credible and realistic. If you just keep on praising the organization you are about to join merely for the sake of impressing the interviewer, it will not work. Therefore, keep your praise or observations factual and relevant. The same goes for your own accomplishments. If you have achieved something remarkable during your professional journey, please mention it on your Resume and present it subtly in your interview. If you try to press it too hard or praise yourself unrealistically, the interviewer will surely catch up to your lies.

Be Calm & Composed

As a professional who is going to face the pressure of the work every single day, your interviewer would expect you to be calm and composed during the job interview. Being calm and composed will show in a positive light and give confidence to the interviewer about the way you would handle work pressure in the daily work life.  So, during a job interview, avoid excessive hand movements, keep your voice pitch low and use a composed tone. Even when tough questions are posed before you, make sure that you do not buckle under the pressure. This will surely impress your interviewer.

We hope that these simple tricks and tips will help you to prepare well for your upcoming job interview and impress your interviewer. If you want watch other interesting videos about job interview and tips to crack them, please visit If you found this video to be helpful, please like and share it among your friends and fellow job seekers.

Good Luck and Happy Job Hunting!

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