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How to initiate-begin a Group Discussion

Jagran Josh

In an Interview conducted by, Karishma Gaur, English Language Expert (CELTA Certified) provides tips on how to initiate-begin a Group Discussion!

Key points Discussed in the Video:

Scenario 1: Sometimes the moderator would choose the person, who would begin the discussion

  1. Focus all your energies on the moderator. In this way you would calm your anxiety and would not feel pressured
  2. Do not focus your energy on how you are feeling
  3. This would make you feel confident in putting forward a right beginning

Scenario 2: Moderator announces a topic, gives you a minute to think, and asks to begin the discussion

  1. For tackling this situation, stay updated with the Group Discussion videos which are available online
  2. Do not begin by saying “Today we’re are here to discuss…” or “Good morning/Good afternoon fellow friends”. You need not repeat the topic already told by the moderator
  3. Start by choosing to agree or disagree with the sentence or the topic
  4. Present your stance on the topic
  5. Start by giving a possible definition of it is a phrase or a short sentence

Scenario 3: The topic has been provided and the moderator has asked to begin the discussion, but no one speaks and there is an awkward silence

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  1. You may ask the follow group members to start the discussion by saying “I am sure that some of you might agree to it and some might disagree, let us make our opinion known to others.”
  2. Choose to focus on the nouns, verbs and adjectives of the topic and describe it
  3. By breaking the ice of the topic on which no other person was taking the lead, it will allow others to begin as well.
  4. You showcase yourself as a leader who is ready to take charge of awkward situations

Takeaway: Don’t try to be the first speaker, try to be the first sensible speaker.

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