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How to land yourself the perfect internship?

Swati Mittal

In today's time internships is the necessity of the hour. It doesn't matter whether you are an engineer or a liberal arts student for when you go job hunting the first question that employer puts up is, 'how much experience do you have?' Now, as a fresh out of college graduate the only experience that you can show is an internship or a part-time job unless you dropped a few years and did a full-time job somewhere. Also, once you graduate you are no longer competing with your fellow classmates but also with the people who already employed at the organization you are aiming at. So, how is it that you can stay in league with at least the people employed at the entry-level jobs. It is here that the internships come as a lifesaver for students. If you are successful at proving your mettle in the internships you have a highly likely chance of getting a full-time job offer from the employer. After all, they have invested time and resources in training you if you yield desirable results why would they let you slip from their hold. But to do that first you need to land yourself a good internship preferably in a company of your choice. Mentioned below are some tips to assist you in your search for the perfect internship.

Explore Your Interests

Before you start applying for internships you need to be clear about your interests. What field is it that you wish to work in. Suppose you are a graphic designer by profession. But as it happens designing is a very big field. Designers are required in various fields from that of architecture to advertising to even film-making. You have to define the field that you are interested in. Each field has different design requirements you need to find your calling in that ocean of opportunities.

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When looking for internships another great tactic that can take you a long way is 'art of networking.' A lot job opening today are filled on the basis of recommendations. That is either you know someone in an organization where there is an opening in the position of your interest or you know someone who knows someone in that organization and they recommend your name. You can also connect directly with senior position employees in the company on social media websites like LinkedIn and Facebook. Find connections in the HR department of your dream organization if possible.

Good Communication Skills

Remember that networking and other such things can only take you so far. Like if you know someone in the senior management of an organization they can land you an interview but what happens in that interview is entirely dependent on you. And whether you land the internship or not is based on your performance in the interview. So, having good communication skills is very important. Unless you can convince people of your talents, your talents are of no good to you. So, make sure that you have great communication skills and if not work hard to improve upon them.

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Follow Latest Industry Updates

One of the biggest drawbacks in most of the graduates today is that they are clueless about the recent developments in the industry. When you are applying to some organization the employer expects you to have a certain degree of interest in that field. Which includes you being up to date with the latest developments in the industry. Follow good blogs related to the field of your interest. Also, follow big names in that industry, watch their interview, follow updates on their projects and read about the work done by them. Also, keep up to date with the recent achievements of the organization that you are applying in.

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Build A Portfolio

When you appear for interviews at top organizations in your field of interest you might happen to notice that they get hundreds of applications but only a select few are offered internships. So, what was that,  that set these students apart from the rest of the applicants? Was it academics? Maybe be or maybe not. Always remember that employers look for candidates with practical skills. So, even if you are not exceptional at your academics but are good at the practical application of concepts you can get yourself a good internship. But to highlight your skills it is important to create work samples or build a portfolio that you can present to your future employers.

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