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How to Master Mathematics?

Mayank Uttam

Mathematics is considered as one of the toughest subjects by many students. However, many also consider as the most scoring subject. In fact, according to some students, one can easily score 100/100 (or full marks) in maths easily as compared to other subjects. Mathematics can be the most difficult as well as the easiest subject for you and it will all depend on your strategy and hard work.

Students who consider maths as a tough subject, usually, come up with questions like how to learn maths easily? Or is there an easy way to learn maths?

In this article, you will get powerful tips on how to learn maths easily. If you will follow these tips, then maths will no longer be a nightmare for you.

These powerful tips are given below

1. Revise & practice basic Mathematics concepts from time to time

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Some basic maths concepts are repeatedly used. Therefore students have to revise it from time to time. Understanding these concepts is quite easy, however in order to click the bait students have to give in lots of effort and practice.

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These basic maths concepts are given below:

Multiplication table from 1 to 20

Square root and cube root from 1 to 10

Basic concepts of algebra like:

• (a + b)2 = a2 + b2 + 2ab

• (ab)2 = a2 + b2 – 2ab

• (a2b2) = (a – b) (a +b)

• (a + b)3 = a3 + b3 + 3 a b (a + b)

• (ab)3 = a3b3 − 3 a b (ab)

• (a + b + c)2 = a2 + b2 + c2 + 2ab + 2ac + 2bc

• (x) × (x) = x2

• [(x)a]b = xa × b

x1 = 1/x

Basic concept of factorization e.g., [x2 – 3 x + 2] = [x2 – 2 xx + 2] = [x (x − 2) −1(x – 2)] = [(x – 1) (x – 2)].

These are basic formulas and concepts which you will need frequently. If you don’t have a strong command over these concepts and formulas then you will always feel problem in understanding other concepts of mathematics.

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2. Go through the topic before going to the class

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Before attending maths class, go through the topic which you are going to be taught. Why is this considered important? It is because it will not only arouse your interest for that particular subject but will also help you in easily understanding the concept.

3. Don’t miss classes

Mathematics classes should not be missed. Usually, the first class is of prime importance as the chapter begins with the basic math concepts, there. If you happen to miss it, compensate the same so that neither you find difficulty in understanding the concept nor you lag behind in catching up with the rest of the class. It is important to note that, the chapters are interconnected; a single break (missing classes, in this case) can hamper your studies to a great extent.

4. Pay proper attention and work alongside the teacher

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This is a continuation to the point mentioned before. Along with regular attendance in the class, pay attention to the teacher, fully. Work alongside the teacher, solve the questions, check the answers and doubts, if any, must be sorted out then itself.

5. Discuss with your friends after class

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Group discussion or group study is also helpful if you diligently work for it. Discuss important points with your friends after class, you can do so while going home. It is important as it will enhance your values and will help you grasp more. Students tend to learn more and better through an amiable interaction.

Revision-practice-revision, repeat it!

In a nutshell, this is what the real strategy for learning math! Though sounds as an age old fashion, mathematics really has no other shortcut. Considered to be one of the toughest subjects, Mathematics has gained huge attention from teachers and students due to its difficulty level. The nightmare of every student (not literally, few find it exciting as well) needs a great deal of effort. In order to get the best out of this effort, implement the points mentioned above.

Clear your doubts as and when they arise. Do not pile up your queries; accumulated doubts will never help you escape the wrath of the subject. Instead, it will add up to your fear and eventually you will always have a tendency to run away from learning maths. Therefore, be cordial to the subject; clear the doubts whenever they arise; be it from teachers or from friends. With every doubt you clear, you will find it easier to invade the subject more and more. This will also aid you in your revision and practice. Above all, hard work and right effort have its own way of rewarding.

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