How to overcome fear of Failure?

Be it upcoming Board Exams or a speech that you have to give before an audience, fear of failure is something that that every one of us has to face at one time or the other. Many a times, despite working hard and putting in your best efforts, we are unable to overcome the fear of failure. If you are also one among them, the tips shared by Teen Life Coach Rajat Soni will not only help you overcome fear of failure but also help you build confidence to explore new things and avenues. He shares 5 unique tips that will help you overcome the fear of failure and march toward success with confidence.

Tip #1: Acknowledgement

The first step in your journey to overcome fear of failure is to acknowledge that you failed in doing something. Acknowledging your failure will help you come to terms with it and from there on you can start learning from your failure. Life is all about trial and error. So whenever you try something new or attempt to do something for the first time, you are bound to have challenges and disappointments along the way. The best way forward form failure is to acknowledge them, celebrate your mistakes and learn from them.

Tip #2: Imagination

Imagination is one such tool that can help you overcome fear of anything and failure is no exception to it. So, every time you fear something create a mental picture where you overcome that fear and achieve what you fear the most. For instance, if you fear public speaking or speaking in front of a crowd, imagine that you are standing in front of a crowd and delivering a wonderful speech. The crowd shows its appreciation for your speech with applauds. Creating such positive picture about the activities or things that you fear will show you the other side of it, the side where your success is being recognized and acknowledged. So, imagination will go a long way in helping you overcome fear of failure.

Tip #3: Talk it Out

Whenever we fear something, we often try and subside or bottle the emotions surrounding it within us. This can have detrimental effect on your self-confidence. If you are feeling bad about something, especially, about something in which you have failed, it is better to share with others. You can share such emotions with your parents, mentors, teachers and even good friends who will support you and help you overcome it. Talking about your emotions can help you get over the trauma quickly and also aid in building confidence that can ultimately help you overcome the fear associated with it.

Tip #4: Effort

Every time you fail in doing something, be it an examination or an activity that you attempted, try and put in more effort. For instance, if you are participating in a debate competition and are feeling the fear of speaking in front of an audience, read articles and tips that can help you improve your performance. Watch videos about it on YouTube and learn how successful people make an effort to improve their performance. For exams, you can seek help of toppers of previous years or class seniors who have already appeared for the exam and cracked it with flying colours. Making an effort to prepare and improve yourself will give you the necessary confidence to face your fears head-on.

Tip #5: Positive Thinking

Fear and Positive Thinking are polar opposites i.e., they counter each other. So, develop positive thinking as part of your everyday lifestyle. Whenever you encounter a situation where you are feeling bad about a failure, try to overcome it with positive thinking. Positive thinking will help you take the first step towards success in your journey of overcoming fear.

By following the aforementioned tips and strategies, you will surely be able to overcome fear of failure. So, next time, be it exams, public speaking or a performance that you have to deliver; by following the above tips, you will feel confident and will be able to deliver it successfully. For more such interesting videos and articles, stay tuned to

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Rajat Soni is a Teen Life Coach, a motivational speaker and the founder of RajatSoni International, an organization catering to the overall personal development of teenagers. He helps teens and pre-teens overcome shyness, social anxiety, learning difficulties and any other factors that may be stopping them from achieving their full potential.

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