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How to Prepare NDA Exam 2016 in last 5 days

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There is an old principle:  “As you sow, so you reap.” So who are struggling hard in their preparation for NDA Exam from long time might achieve their goals but preparing in last 1 week for NDA is a big No!! because clearing this exam is no child’s play.  So Dear ASPIRANTS!! Countdown has begun!!! Here are few given tips below to manage your time in last 5 days.

1.Focus on revising because starting anything new in last few days will be more stressful. The Revision will help you to be updated with the subject and also helps in memorizing better.  Start with the chapters which you find difficult then move to easy ones.

2.Well planned time table makes any student more active in planning and studying. When you study for less time, imposed time restriction which makes your brain work more efficiently. For more intense memorization when one is preparing for capital names, or about history, Mathematical formulae one should not study more than 30 minutes at a stretch.

3.Smart work in addition to hard work is a way to bring laurels. Attention you pay to the subject and alertness of your mind while studying matters more than the time you spend on it.

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4.Sitting with books all the time is a total waste of time. Early morning or late night study depends upon person to person but studying while feeling sleepy is not a good idea. So when you feel sleepy go and rest and study with the fresh mind. Remember sound sleep of 7-8 hours is necessary otherwise you may fall sick which you cannot afford just before the examination.

5.Practicing test papers will be a helping technique to best prepare for the test. Many online websites are available to track your progress. Referring websites in competitive exams will helps you to solve more new questions and tricks which will help to score better than others. Learning different vocabulary words and playing quizzes will make your grip stronger in this topic.

6.Healthy food is way for healthy mind!! Binging when your are under stress is a common thing so do not satisfied your hunger pangs by eating junk food which will make you  feel lethargic which is not at all good idea. Eat food high in protein, or whole grains which will keep you fuller for long time. While taking a break eat fruits instead of eating chips or fried food.

7.As we keep on pressing refresh button of our desktops or laptops so that they work in speed so same applies for humans too. Relax and   take breaks during your hectic study timetable. Rejuvenate yourself, listen to some good music, or play your favorite game but do not exhaust yourself.

8.Meditation will help you to concentrate not only in preparation but also on the day of your exams.

At last but not the least if you have studied hard and with full determination the examination day will be yours. Leave all the stress away and target the questions with bull’s eye.

NDA Exam 2016: General Knowledge Sample Paper

NDA Exam 2016: English Sample Paper

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