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How to prepare for GK in 3 months for SSC Exams?

Jagran Josh

General Knowledge or General Awareness is a paper that tests the awareness level of the candidates in the society that they are living. The candidates who are about to give the competitive examinations are expected to have a clear knowledge of the ongoing incidents of national and international importance. These information shape the idea of the candidates and creates a worldview among them. It is thus necessary to keep a close tab on incidents and events of importance and relevance throughout the world by the candidates. Not just the major events, but some related small scale information with potential for future follow-up should also be tracked down by the candidates. The competitive examinations mainly focus on news and incidents in the range of six months prior to the examination dates, so that the candidates need not to burden themselves with huge baggage of information.

Preparation thus is a vital aspect in the paper and a regular eye for news and a proper sense of it is necessary to filter out the news of importance from the pool of information available. A proper preparation guideline can help the candidates understand the nuances of the paper well and give their best in the examination.

Preparation in the First Month

The very first month of preparation should begin with developing a regular habit of reading. The news sources available to you includes television, books, magazines, journals, internet, social media, blogs, preparation guides and a lot more where you can start filtering out information and event so national and international importance. The first month involves intensive reading by the candidates. It provides the base of information on which the rest of the preparation would lie. You should also find out the weaker areas in which you need to develop interest in the various fields of information.

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Preparation in the Second Month

In the second month of your preparation time in General Awareness paper, you need to limit the access of your information and start focusing on the things that you have already read in the past. It is thus important to keep a track of what you have gone through by taking notes and highlighting important events. It is also the month of follow-ups for immensely important incidents that are capable of recurring news. It is also the month to understand the question pattern in the competitive examinations by following the previous year questions and preparation guide books.

Preparation in the Third Month

The third and last month of your preparation consists of revision and practice. The host of information that you have gathered till date should not get missed and thus it is the best time to revise them. Studying the highlighted portions, important news events, substituting the irrelevant items and emphasizing over the already read material to memorize them completely are the key elements in this phase. Candidates should not get confused with the inflow of latest information as this might not find place in the examination, due to its immediacy.

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