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How to prepare for your new internship?

Jagran Josh

There are a lot of reasons why companies want to hire interns. Most important being that these organizations are keen on getting cheap labour to get the enormous amount of work done. This, in turn, proves to be advantageous for students who are looking to get exposure and experience in a particular field. Sometimes these internships are paid and on other occasions they are not, but in any case they are a win-win opportunities for both the parties. Because of the benefits attached with them, getting an internship opportunity has become increasingly difficult for young students. Here are some tips you can follow to prepare yourself for the internship.

Increase your social media presence
These days recruiters attach a lot of importance to the applicant's social media presence so before you apply for a given internship, your social media handles portray you as someone who is suitable for the job. If there's any post you think can go against you, it would be in your best interest to change the privacy for it so that people hiring you cannot see it. These days, LinkedIn has become a very good platform to for students to find jobs and internships. For the employers, it is a platform where they can see the kind of work the person has done in the past. It also has the 'endorsement' feature which allows people to approve of a specific skill of someone. All in all, your presence on the internet can affect your chances of landing an internship so it should not be taken for granted.

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Learn your industry
Follow websites of companies which are pioneers in the field you are looking for a job in. It will give you an idea of the kind of work they are doing currently and if there are any openings at the organization. You should also follow websites which post about internship opportunities to stay in the knowhow of vacancies. In India, websites like Internshala, Naukri.com and Monster.com are the primary players when it comes to internships and jobs in general. You can register on the websites for free and find the opportunities. If you have registered for e-mail service, you will get mails in your inbox about the chances and prospects.

Focus on your niche
There is a lot to do in each industry and you will certainly get overwhelmed if you focus at everything at once. What you should rather do is focus on your niche or a particular thing that you want to do, prepare yourself well, get the internship and then experiment when you become the part of the team. Priority is to get the internship and for that you need to know be very good at least one skill. For example, if you are going to apply for internship in advertising, make sure you know about the departments like content writing and client servicing and what do you want to do.

Prepare for the interview
Internship interviews can be considerably tough at times and you must be prepared to face them. Wear the right kind of clothes and research about the field you have applied for. Know about the latest things which are happening in the industry because those are most likely to be asked. More than anything else, be clear about the department you want to work for because that is the primary concern of team leads and managers. In some organizations, interviews are merely a formality and are basically just a discussion where the head asks you to tell things about yourself so be prepared for that too.

Sharpen you listening abilities to pay attention in a better way
Be attentive and maintain eye contact when you have a conversation. It would be wise to be and stay attentive to what is being said. By attention, we mean:

Be present
Give attention
Apply or direct yourself
Pay attention
Remain ready to serve

Screen out distractions and focus on speaker's gestures and speech mannerisms. Try also to not get distracted by your own thoughts and feelings so that give your full attention to the subject and the speaker. Turning off communication devices like cell phones is a polite and easy way to get rid of further disturbance.

If you get the internship, thank people who helped you with it

Whenever you get something you've been wanting to, always thank people who helped you with the process. Be it teachers, seniors or family members, thank them for their support. It is very rude when someone helps you get something and you do not even thank them for it. You don't want to be someone people remember in that manner, right?

The final advice would be to apply for internships with excitement as it will be a very important part of your college life and help you a lot in future when you become a professional in after getting graduated.

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