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How job seekers can read the mind of the Interviewers

Balwant Tripathi

A job interview is the most important level of the selection process that is largely adopted by the corporate companies for the selection of the efficient candidate. During the course of this strategic talk, the interviewer or the recruiter asks candidates a series of questions which are generally aimed to know whether a candidate is competent for the job or not. In order to land to the perfect job, the job seekers memorize the best possible answers to the question which, they think, might be asked in their job interviews.    

But, memorizing the best suitable answers for the job interview questions doesn’t sometimes work when the interviewers suddenly ask candidates some brainstorming questions like which they don’t even think before.

In such situation, understanding the way of interviewers’ thinking can help the candidates to know what kind of questions they might face in their job interview.

In this article, we have explained how the job seekers can read the mind of their interviewer and find a clue of the questions might be asked in their job interviews. 

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Job description

What kind of challenges is the company facing in their business?  What type of skills can help them to overcome the problem? What can you do for them?  These are the basic questions that are responsible for the selection or rejection of the job seekers. Imagine, you don’t much about the particular technology used for an IT company when you attend an interview for a job in an IT company.  You might fail even to answer the questions of the interviewer if he asks some particular questions related to that particular technology.  So, go to the job description and figure out what skills, knowledge, and expertise are required to fulfil the job responsibilities.  Begin your preparation if you don’t possess skills or knowledge of the technology. Therefore, making preparation according to the job responsibilities given in job description is something that can help you to face almost all the questions of the interviewers.


Has your interviewer ever praised a particular kind of work in his Facebook or Twitter post? How does he see the accomplishments you have had in your Resume’s accomplishment section?  First, try to find out what kind of accomplishments your interviewer has recently praised.  For it, you can go to his Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn profile and can find what you’re looking for. The people generally share their thoughts about certain things on their Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn timelines. Besides the social networking site, you can also find some valuable information from the websites of the company where they share their accomplishments and success stories of their employees. Once you get to know what kind of accomplishments your interviewer is looking for, you become able answers his questions.


Value is something that gives the direction to our thoughts. Same applies to the interviewers as well as the organisation where you’re looking for a job.  It may be quality work, integrity, Respect for the people, personal accountability or some more that have been preserved and fostered in the company where you’re looking for a job. Also, try to know the values of your interviewer before attending him in the job interview.  It can help you understand what is more important for him can modify your answers according to that.

Work culture

The work-culture of a corporate company is something that is developed by the highly placed professionals and employers. What kind of work culture is there in the company where you’re current employed? It may cooperative, friendly, result oriented, or so more which is important for the company as well as for its employees. Your interviewer might reject you if he finds unable to work in the work culture of the company. So, try to know what kind of work culture is there in the company where you’re looking for a job.  For it, you can check website of company, and ask employees.


Figuring out what kind of questions might be asked in the job interview is tricky task. But, you can get a clue of the job likely job interview questions by reading job description carefully, figuring out your relevant accomplishments, knowing the values of the company and interviewer, and gaining knowledge about work culture of the company. In this article, we have tried to explain how you can read the mind of an interview to help you for your job interview.

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