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How to respond if you don’t know the answers of question?

Balwant Tripathi

In job interviews, you never know what question you interviewer is going to ask you and what can be the most suitable reply of it. You get to a standstill situation, especially when your interview asks you the questions that you really don’t know anything about.

To know what negative moments you should escape in your job interviews and how to respond to the interviewer’s questions that you really don’t know anything about, keep the reading continue as here we have  provided the certain ways to prevent awkward silence from creating negative environment around your in your job interview.

Don’t be panic

The candidate going into any interview assumes that they must perform near perfect in the interview to get appointed on the job. In reality, the candidates face difficulties answering all the questions of the interviewer. More often a good but imperfect strategic talk is sufficient to move a candidate on the other selections process. Such realisation can help to stay calm and stop panicking.

Take your time

You get stumbled when your interview ask you the questions that you really don’t know how to respond on. At such moment, don’t take too long pause. Try to acknowledge your interviewer that you’re thinking about what has been asked. You can use fillers like ‘Hmm...Good question, I am thinking about it’ to prevent awkward silence to create negative environment in the interview. 

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Ask question

Don’t get stuck with the posture that you acquire immediately after listening question the interviewer has asked you. It’s quite possible that you may have failed to understand what exactly your interviewer is asking for. If it is exactly what you are coming across in your most of the job interviews, then, ask your interviewer what exactly he/she wants to know about. 

Don’t Deny

Oh! You get stumped when your interviewer asks you the question that you actually don’t know. Now, what ways are left for you react on this. Your interviewer is waiting for your response on that question. You would have to handle it. Don’t say ‘I don’t know’ without spending a minutes on thinking about it. At this moment, it’s best to use fillers like ‘Hmm....great question,’ ‘let me think about it’ to avoid awkward and embarrassing silence. Take some time, gather ideas, thoughts, and knowledge and begin replying at your best.


Don’t get stuck with the question if you really don’t know anything about it. Try with best of your efforts to divert the focus area of the interviewer to field you’re familiar with. Most of the candidates in their job interviews get stuck with question that they really don’t know how to respond on. This results to embarrassment for both the interviewer and the interviewee. To avoid such situations, don’t stretch for long and try to drag the attention and interest of your interviewer to field that you’re familiar with.

Answers when you follow up

After your interview, what most noteworthy thing you could do if you have really been stumbled in your job interview is to find a strong and researched answer. You can send your well researched and well thought out answers as a part of follow up email communication.   Most of the times, the interviews requires candidates to have all the answers at the time of the interview. But, it isn’t mandatory for all the jobs. Manifestation of the persistence, hard work, resourcefulness, and of course, curiosity after you initially lack information can impress your employer.


In job interviews, you never know exactly what questions might be asked. It may be from the set of common questions that you have prepared upon. Or it may be from the field that you really don’t anything about. You don’t want to let it to cost your job and to create negative and embarrassing environment in your job interview. What actually you want to do at that moment is to overcome the situation that begin might obstruct your success. For this, you need to know what ways are left for you if you really don’t know the precise, exact, and concrete answers of the interviewer’s questions. Through this article, we have tried to enlist the all the ways which we see as effective and safe at play in any job interviews.

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