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How to score better in Ethics Paper of UPSC IAS Mains Exam

Athar Imam Raza

In Civil Services IAS Main Exam, the General Studies Paper IV contains Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude which tests the candidates’ attitude and problem solving approach related to integrity in their day to day life in the society. UPSC Mains Examination of General Studies Paper IV is scheduled on 21st of December 2015. A candidate can score better in this paper because it is based on various issues and conflicts faced by any common man in the society. However, every individual have enough sense to deal with such situations more accurately.

In our earlier articles for other papers of UPSC Mains Examination, we already mentioned the significance of the two papers i.e. Essay and the General Studies Paper IV. This paper can either be treated as the very high scoring or as a very low scoring paper. So, General Studies Paper IV could be stronger bet to score higher marks if a student is succeed to understand the approaches of UPSC asking questions in this section. Here we have attached the link of a video of Ira Singhal- how she followed the approach in her writing and scored remarkably in compare to her previous attempts. Surely this video is going to help you a lot and we have sincere advice to the students to keep in these following points:

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A. Not to Choose a different Topic: Sometimes many students trying to show they are smarter than others by choosing a unique topic which may be quiet unknown to him/her. This may result in low scoring. A student should choose a topic which is very common and where he/she can put their best efforts to present the answer.

B. Make Outline of the Topic: Before attempting the topic, a candidate should make outline of the whole topic which he/she is going covered in their answer.

C. Put sub-headings: A candidate should divide the topic under sub-headings either in bullet form or underlined which may result their answer more clear and visible. By this way an examiner will find himself more comfortable to read and can assess your answer easily.

D. Avoid Facts and Figures: The UPSC Mains Examination have aim to assess your views and intellectual qualities rather than to check your memorising skills. So, it is better to avoid putting the figures and facts because it may difficult to memorise all fact otherwise your answer will reflects wrong figures and facts. The diagrammatic interpretation in your answer is most preferable because it makes your views more clear.

E. A Proper Connectivity: A proper connectivity of different points and issues you raised should be there in your answer. A proper remedy of those issues should also be there in your answer before summing up your answer.

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