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How to speak English like a professional

Mayank Uttam

English is considered as the global language and is used for all official communication purposes around the world. So, students or person with lack of confidence for English speaking may face a number of problems in school, college or office as they grow up. Here are 10 powerful tips on how to speak English like a professional which can turn any amateur English speaker to a professional English speaker.

1: Never hesitate to speak in English

When you will start speaking English, people around you will make fun of you but you should not mind it because you are in a state of committing errors. Do not stop speaking English under any circumstances and one day you will realize that you can speak fluently as others. So, the ultimate message is never to give up speaking and practising English speaking in your daily routine.

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2: Don’t Study too much Grammar

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It may sound strange to most of the CBSE board or other board students but this is the most important rule.  Studying grammar in depth will help you pass your CBSE Board or UP Board exams but it will not work well while speaking English.

Studying too much grammar will not only slow you down but will also confuse you. You will spend a lot of time in framing sentence while speaking. Most of native English speakers know only 20% to 25% of all the grammar rules. An average CBSE or UP Board student know more rules of English Grammar than a native English speaker.

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Start speaking with very basic grammar like is, am, are, was, were, do, does, did etc. Create your own story in Hindi and then translate into English.

3: Be a Good Listener First

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Good communication starts with proper listening.  By hearing new words, phrases and sentences will not only help to improve your vocabulary but will also help you to learn correct grammatical structures, accent and pronunciation.

This can easily be understood by taking the example of a small baby. A baby is often greeted, spoken and instructed without expecting any response.

With the passage of time, a baby naturally acquires the knowledge of language and starts to deliver his or her own thought. Within 1 to 2 years a baby starts speaking fluently before even going to school. Hence to become a good speaker you need to be a good listener first.

4: Use Free Learning Apps and Websites

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While the education system in India isn’t transforming on papers, the tech-savvy students of the present times have taken the charge in their own hands, at least to modify the way they prepare for examinations. Websites and apps like Learn to Speak English, British Council etc., providing test, quizzes and videos to English learners mostly free of cost. You can interact with this app and websites in your spare time. This will strengthen your English speaking skills. So, instead of playing candy crush, Pokémon etc., try these apps. By taking the online test and playing interactive games will also improve your English writing skills.

Learn to Speak English is the most popular Android App specifically designed for Indian People. This app provides step by step tutorials including pronunciation from basic to advanced level. Click here to download Learn to Speak English app.


5: Listen English Songs & Radio Channels

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Everyone likes music and some like listening news, so learning English will be simpler and more entertaining if you listen what you like. Listen to any famous English song and go through the lyrics of the song and then listen to the song again. Learning via listening can be done anytime and anywhere while travelling, exercising or relaxing. You can download a piece of news from famous news channel like BBC Radio, CNN etc., this will not just increase your general knowledge but will also sharpen your English speaking skills.

6: Watch English Movies & TV Shows with Subtitles

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Although this step needs time, this is one of the most entertaining ways of improving your English speaking skills. You start with any Marvel movie like Avenger, Captain America or you can open YouTube and search any comedy or action movie in English. You will also find subtitles over internet easily. Watch again and again and try to learn dialogues from them.

7: Study & Learn Phrases not Words

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Most of the people start learning thousands of words but still, they cannot frame a proper sentence because of lack of phrases. One can easily frame number of sentences with one phrase but one cannot do the same by using one word

8: Give Less time to Translate the Things

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Most of the learners get stuck while trying to improve their English speaking skills. Translation is a time taking process; composing sentences in the first language, translating them into the second language considerably increases your time/effort and is not considered as a good practice. This is because you are spending more time on translation instead of speaking. One should focus on speaking words that make sense without worrying about the precise meaning of the words or the complete structure of the sentence. You may do some mistakes initially but with practice & time, your English speaking skills will improve.

9: Talk to Yourself

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In the night or as per your convenience, stand in front of a mirror and assess yourself. Try to speak loudly with balanced expression. This is the best method for those people who feel ashamed of making mistakes in public. You can choose any trending topics of your choice like Rio Olympics, ISIS terror or anything you love most. This will boost your English speaking skills within 3 months and soon you will speak like a professional.

10: Don't be Afraid to Make Mistakes

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The majority of English language learners admit that fear of making mistakes when speaking English is one of the major problems inhibiting their spoken English fluency. In order to speak English, you have to open your mouth and to speak fluently you have to speak, and speak a lot.

Mostly a person afraid of doing something which he has not done before or several times.  For example, one hesitates to perform on a stage if he or she never participated in any stage show or play. A guy will hesitate in talking with girls if he had never talked to girls before. Similarly, one will always hesitate if the person will not speak out. Making mistakes is a human tendency and rectifying them is also human tendency which gradually strengthens your English speaking skills.

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