How to write a good Essay in the IAS Exam: Video

Writing Essay in the IAS Exam and getting better marks is a matter of practice and some basic tenets of the Essay. These important components of the Essay should be present and perfectly designed to get the highest marks in the Essay. Essay Paper can ensure the selection in the IAS Main Exam.
It is a game changer paper and the can make or break the game.  There is a set pattern of Essay writing, those who follow can reap the benefit and others struggle to get good marks in the IAS Main Essay.

Essay should reflect the personality of the candidate. So the candidate should write the Essay very carefully as the examiner will be looking for avenue to give you better marks in essay. The candidates should give the examiner more than one reason to give you better marks. Some of the things, which can fetch you, better marks in the hand writing, logical flow of the essay, solution given for the social problems, connectivity of the Essay issues, presentation of the past and present and the likes. There can be various solutions to a social problem but the maximum marks would be given to the most practical and socially and legally accepted solution.

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