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IAS Exam: IAS Prelims CSAT General Mental Ability Set 3

Jagran Josh

In the Civil Services Prelim Examination, the CSAT paper has been made qualifying in nature from 2015 onwards. The candidates have to score at least qualifying marks in the paper but in case, if a candidate could not be able to score the required qualifying marks in CSAT Paper then his/her other papers will not be evaluated. So, it is important for the candidates to do preparation in such a manner that there must not lay them in any suspicion of underscoring.

Here, we have provided the questions of General Mental Ability for the Civil Services CSAT Paper II of UPSC IAS Exam 2016. The pattern of these General Mental Ability Multiple Choice Questions has been kept in line with the questions asked in earlier attempts of Civil Services IAS Exam.


1. In market research conducted by an automobile company, the depreciation in the resale value is found to be 15% for one year old model, 13.5% for two years old model, 12% for three years old model and so on. If a luxury car made by the company was bought at Rs.8,00,000 ten years ago, then what will be the resale price of that car?             

a) Rs 2,80,000

b) Rs 1,40,000

c) Rs 3,20,000

d) None of these

Answer: b)

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It is clear from the question that the depreciation in resale is in form of an A.P.

15, 13.5, 12….

for which a = 15 and d = - 1.5

After ten years, the percentage depreciation will be:

2. Alex bought an item from a sale offering 15% discount on all items. How much percentage more than the cost price should he sell the same item to earn 19 % profit from the list price?                                                                

a) 66.66%

b) 32%

c) 40%

d) 28.57%

Answer: c)

Explanation: Let the original list price be Rs 100. According to question, cost price will be Rs 85.

Also, Re-Selling price = 100 + 19 = 119

Ratio and Proportion

3. Two friends work in same company and ratio of their salaries is 3 : 5. First friend gets promoted after a year and his salary is increased by one third of the salary of his friend. Find the ratio of their current salaries.                                                                               

a) 11 : 15

b) 2 : 3

c) 14 : 15

d) None of these

Answer: c)


4. Amit got thrice as many marks in Maths as in English. The proportion of his marks in Maths and History is 4:3. If his total marks in Maths, English and History are 250, what are his marks in English?

a) 120

b) 90

c) 40

d) 80

Answer: c)


Time and Work

5. A can finish solving an exercise in 2 hours, B in 3 hours and C in 4 hours respectively. In how many hours will all three complete 100 exercises, considering that no two people work on same exercise?

Answer: a)

Explanation: LCM of 2, 3 and 4 = 12

In 12 hours, A will finish 6 exercises

B will finish 4 exercises

C will finish 3 exercises

i.e., in 12 hours they will finish 13 exercises

So, in 84 hours they will finish 91 exercises

In next 9 hours, A will finish 4 exercises

B will finish 3 exercises

C will finish 2 exercises

So, they will complete 100 exercises in 93 hours.

Note: Since, they cannot share each-others work so B will take completely 9 hours to make 3 shawls, even when A and C stay idle for4 the last 1 hour till B completes his last exercise.

6. A and B, working together, complete a task in 10 days. Had A worked at half of his efficiency and B at five times of his efficiency, it would have taken them 50% of the scheduled time to finish the job. In how many days can B complete the job working alone?

a) 12

b) 24

c) 15

d) 30

Answer: d)



7. A sandwich is made from 2 bread slices. Three loafs of bread having weight 637gm, 581gm and 553gm respectively, are sliced evenly such that each slice has maximum possible weight. How many sandwiches can be made using the available bread slices?

a) 253

b) 252

c) 126

d) None of these

Answer: c)



8. A clock is set right at 10 a.m. The clock loses 15 minutes in 24 hours. What will be true time when clock indicates 10 p.m on the third day?

a) 11:20 PM

b) 11: 35 PM

c) 11:00 PM

d) None of these

Answer: c)


Mixture and Alligation

9. A jar contains a mixture of 2 liquids P and Q in the ratio 4:1. When 10 litres of the mixture is taken out and 10 litres of liquid Q is poured into the jar, the ratio becomes 2:3. How many litres of the liquid P was contained in the jar?

a) 17 litres                               

b) 16 litres

c) 18 litres               

d) 15 litres               

Answer (b)


10. Barrel A contains a mixture of kerosene and oil in the ratio 5:2, and Barrel B contains the mixture of oil and kerosene in the ratio 6: 7. In what ratio should these mixtures be mixed to obtain a new mixture containing kerosene and oil in the ratio 8: 5?

a) 4 : 3

b) 3 : 4

c)  5 : 6

d) 7 : 9

Answer: d)



11. How many words can be made from the word BING BING BRING in which vowels occupies even positions?

a) 336000

b) 85360

c) 113600

d) None of the above

Answer: a)










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