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IAS Main 2013: Tips for Answer Writing

Rachit Saxena

As we all know that the IAS Main 2013 is commencing from 1 December 2013. In this exam for the first time the Question cum Answer Booklet will be provided to the candidates for writing the answers. From this we can anticipate the importance of the Time Management.
The candidate should practice to format and write the answers for different word limit. Answer writing practice is very important for the IAS Main exam. The candidate should try to increase their writing speed so that they can write around 2500 to 3000 words in three hours. The candidate should practice to write the introduction and the conclusions as much short as they can. The emerging trend shows that there is lack of flexibility for the Candidates due to the decreasing word limit and increasing number of questions. The horizontal expansion of the syllabus and the paper is very vast now and the candidate should cover the entire syllabus and the vertical expansion of each topic.
The candidates are required divide their time wisely so that the candidate can attempt the full paper. The candidate must read one news paper daily preferably The Hindu or Indian Express to have in-depth knowledge of the current happening and the background of government decision.
For criticizing anything one should know the logic and reasoning behind it. So the candidates are required to know the basic objectives of the policies and programmes of the Government. The candidates should keep in mind that their answer should be balanced one and do not criticize the government decisions more than required because government take decision by a series of consultations with the interest groups and the eminent persons related to that field. So the Candidate should first try to know the real pros and cons of the decision and then criticize it with a solid justification. wishes the candidates all the very best for the exams.

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