IAS Main 2013:Answer Writing Tips for Social Issues

The IAS Main 2013 is round the corner and is starting from 2 December, 2013. The Scheme of Exam is recently notified by the UPSC. The IAS Main will be conducted on New Pattern. The Indian Society is an evolving society. There are various issues which cannot be categorized. Hence the Union Public Service Commission uses the term “Socio-Economic”.

There are various Social Acts which have Economic Implications and various Economic acts which have Social Implications. The Sociological Issues and the Economic Issues are intertwined in the Society and a little care is needed when the candidates write the answers related to social problems of the Society.

The Candidate should always keep in mind the Economic implications of the social acts and the economic issues which lay in the root of social problems. Some of the important tips for the answer writing are as follows:

The candidate should know the Social problems and their relation with the other issues such that the poverty and illiteracy has a cyclic relation and child labour and illiteracy has a implications on one another. So the candidates should think to connect the social problems with the economic problems.

Some of the important points which need special focus are:

•    The candidates should always keep a tab on newly announced schemes of the Government of India

•    The candidate should make a Table for the Schemes and related Social Issues so that they can use them in example.

•    The Launch Date of the Schemes of Government of India should be learn and can be quoted in example

•    The candidates should study in detail about the needs for such Social benefit schemes. For example the candidate should relate the social health benefit schemes with the demographic data.

•    The Socio-Economic inter-relation has to be established in the candidates answer.

•    The candidate should know the Budget Announcements and the allocation towards the specific programmes.

•    The candidates should enquire the government Institutions connected to the Social Upliftment of the Society. The candidates should quote these institutions in there examples.

•    The Candidates should suggest the measures to strengthen these institutions.

Jagranjosh.com wishes all the candidates very best of luck for the exam.

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