IAS Prelims 2016:GS Paper I:Tips for Indian Polity and Governance

The syllabus of Indian Polity and Governance include Constitution, Political System, Panchayati Raj, Public Policy, Rights Issues, etc. The level of most of these questions was from easy to moderate level. The questions were a mix of static and dynamic part.. The IAS Prelims Syllabus has not changed a bit. And we can anticipate that the pattern of exam is not going to see a sea change.

•    The highest importance has been given to the working of the Parliament. Around 25-35% questions have been asked from this section.
•    The questions from public policy and rights issues have been given significant importance in previous year’s exams.
•    Apart from these, there have been frequent questions related to the President, the Prime Minister, CAG, judiciary, centre-state relations, Panchayati Raj System etc.

                      As we have seen in the previous year’s question papers, the questions from fundamental rights, duties and Directive Principles of State Policy are very less. But, still we can’t afford to ignore these topics as they are the basis of public policy. Below topics should be thoroughly prepared.

•    The working of the Parliament and State Legislative Assemblies including introduction and passage of various kinds of bills, motions, resolutions and powers.
•    Powers and functions of the President, the Governor of the states, the Vice-President, the Prime Minister, the Speaker of the Lok Sabha and other key position holders has to be thoroughly done.
•    The set up and working of various Cabinet and Parliamentary Committees and other Commissions should be focused.
•    All the constitutional bodies like CAG, Election Commission, Attorney General etc and judiciary should be prepared well.
•    The set up and function of Finance Commission and Planning Commission is also important from the exam point of view.
•    In the recent past, the importance of right issues and public policy has increased.
•    The aspirants should pay attention to the policies and programmes of the government for upliftment of the weaker section of the society and overall social and economic development initiatives of the government.

                        The aspirants should go through NCERT books to understand the basics of the Indian Polity. After completing these books, the aspirants should go through Indian Polity by “Indian Constitution” and standard Text books.
After couple of readings of these standard books, one can make notes of the important points. This could be very helpful while doing revision. An aspirant should start revision only when he/ she feels that he/ she is done with the syllabus. The revision should be done in the last two weeks of the exam.  This is the time when an aspirant should be at the peak of his/ her preparation.

The Previous Year Questions of Indian Polity and Governance are immensely helpful in the Preparation.

The Candidates can share their preparation related Issues and experiences in IAS/PCS group of Myjosh.

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