IAS Prelims 2016:GS Paper I:Tips for Medieval History

The Medieval History Topics are very large in number but the number of questions asked in the IAS Prelims Question Papers is very less. The IAS 2014 Notification mentions only Indian History and the Indian National Movement in its Syllabus.

The Period 8th Century to mid 18th Century is taken as the Subject Matter of the Medieval History.

Important Topics:-
•    Arab invasion (Quasim , Gzahnvi)
•    Rajput Kingdoms
•    Delhi sultanate (1206 - 1526)
•    Vijaynagar Empire
•    Sher Shah period
•    Mughals
•    Shivaji and Marathas
•    Deccan Sultanates(Ibrahim Adil Shah II )
•    Bhakti movements(Nirguna saints , saguna saints, kabir ,Nank)

Analysis and strategy for preparation:

In prelims 3 or 4 question come from this section of Syllabus.Most of the questions from this part come from

Mostly all the questions are factual and straight. For example in question paper there will be two statements related to the land revenue systems during Mughal period and you have to tell which statement is correct. To prepare these kinds of questions, you must know about the land revenue system, taxes and the various departments in a particular period (like Mughals, Marathas, Delhi Sultanate etc), their important features and who started them. So make your notes in accordance with this.

Reference Book:

Old NCERT book “Medieval India”. If you don’t find old NCERT book in the market, you can buy 7th class new NCERT and 12th class (Themes of History II) new NCERT.

Strategy for revision:
Revision is must. Make your own notes from the standard books and revise it again and again. Your own notes will be easy to learn and easy to revise. All the data is factual so you will need a lot of revision.

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