Indian Economy Study Material for UPSC Civil Services (IAS) Exam 2019

Indian Economy section of IAS Exam is a very important section and from an economics perspective, everything is linked with the economics in one or the other way. Most of the economy books provide plenty of theories related to the macroeconomic concepts of India Economy but very few questions are available based on the Economic concepts given in the standard economy books.

Here we are giving the Current Macro Economic Topics and Multiple Choice Questions based on the fundamental concepts of Indian Economy for the upcoming IAS Prelims Exam 2018 which is scheduled to be conducted in 3 June 218. has taken the initiative to provide the study material which will be helpful to the candidates for the IAS Prelims as well as the State Civil Services Exam. The study material for the IAS Prelims consists of the articles, e-Books, Online Tests and Multiple Choice Questions.

The economy can be said as the backbone of the preparation for the IAS Prelims preparation because of each and every social as well as the political action, has the economic implications. The Indian economy remained as one of the difficult and favourite areas to study for the IAS exam.

Economic Survey 2017-18

Union Budget 2018-19 Highlights and Questions

Schemes for Inclusive Growth in India

Important Government Schemes

Economic Analysis Articles

Key Initiatives in the Energy Sector

New National Capital Goods Policy: An Analysis

Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana

Falling Chinese Economy and Indian Economy

India’s Infrastructure needs and the Smart Cities Project

Falling Global Crude Oil Prices

Goods and Services Tax (GST)

NCERT Indian Economy : Multiple Choice Questions

Indian Economy on the Eve of Independence Set II

Indian Economy on the Eve of Independence Set I

Indian Economic Development

Macroeconomic Aggregates Concepts

Questions based on the Economic Concepts

Government Schemes

Goods and Services Tax (GST)

Tax structure in India

International Organisations and India

Macro Economics Questions

Concepts of Macroeconomics

Financial Market

Public Finance in India

External Sector of India

Classification of Economy

Inflation and Business Cycle set III

Inflation and Business Cycle set II

Economic Reforms

Economic Planning in India Set II

Economic Planning in India Set I

Economic Planning

Human Development

Progress, Growth and Development of Indian Economy

Balance of Payment Issues

CPI,Angel Investor,GST,Indicative Planning,CDR

SLR,Capital budget,Demographic transition,High powered money

BoP,GEF,MSF,Engel's Law,Frictional unemployment

SIDBI,IPR, Primary Deficit, Inflation

GDP Calculation,Niti Aayog,Nabard

CACP,CRR,SLR,Phillips Curve,Uniform Recall Period,CAD

Equity Reference Framework,budget deficit,WTO Subsidies

Open Economy and Exchange Rate

BoP,Capital Account,PMJDY,Bharat Bill Payment System,

Primary deficit,Base Effect,tax haven

Quaternary Sector,Monetary Policy,Sustainable Development

MPI,Liquidity,First Five Year Plan

Budget and Economic Survey



Economic Survey 2014-15

Union Budget 2017-18

Union Budget 2015-2016 (Part-3)

Union Budget 2015-2016 (Part-2)

Union Budget 2015-2016 (Part-1)

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