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IAS Prelims Exam 2016: CSAT Reading Comprehension Set 3

Jagran Josh

In Civil Services IAS Prelim Exam, the CSAT paper is qualifying in nature; however, the IAS aspirants should not take this paper as so easy affair to crack. If an aspirant could not qualify the CSAT paper then his/her General Studies paper will not be evaluated irrespective of attempting the GS Paper extraordinarily. So this is important to make sure that your preparation for the CSAT Paper is up to the mark and you will qualify it comfortably.

For the aspirants of Civil Services IAS Prelim Exam 2016, here, we have provided the practice sets of CSAT Reading Comprehensions:

Directions for Question 1 to 6: Read the following passages carefully and answer the questions that follow:

                                                          Passage – 5 (3 questions)

According to the theories, when a businessman is an amateur, he stays cautious and is always forward to please. The reason behind that is very simple, he wants to make the most profits and he gives undivided attention to every detail passing under him. He prevents to not let anything affect his business. He maintains a bonding with the each working member and tries to be as friendly as possible. But no sooner than the business turns into a great success, he is no longer the same man as he used to be. He forgets to be considerate and unpretentious. The possession of fortune overtakes his morale. For a specialist in his profession, this is not expected. It is important to give human relations more value above anything else. But most of the professional men fail to eliminate this mistake.

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Few years back, I went to meet a well-known lawyer in Delhi. Before he even looked into my case, he asked me what my business was. He was more interested in my income rather than in solving my problem. His prime concern was not in how much he could help me but how much he could get out of me. The result was he got nothing and his character made him lose his credibility, at least in all my acquaintances soon as I got away from his office.

1. The prime concern of the professional was to find out

a) about his client’s trouble

b) how much he could help the author

c) how much he could get out of the author

d) what is the quickest way to solve the author’s query

Answer: c)

Explanation: In the second paragraph author clearly states about the lawyer’s intention.

2. The words considerate and unpretentious in the passage means

a) attentive and blunt

b) assertive and sharp

c) thoughtful and unassuming

d) respectful and modest

Answer: d)

Explanation: The first two options (a) & (b) are not the exact meaning of the words whereas (c) & (d) are factual meaning of the given words but (d) suits the best according to the passage.

3. The author got away from the professional’s office

a) with respect for his professional proficiency

b) with an appreciation for the his openness

c) with a feeling of irrelevance towards the professional

d) with a feeling of lack in morale towards the professional

Answer: d)

Explanation: The last section of the section paragraph mentions author got away with the feeling of contempt towards the lawyer.

                                                       Passage – 6 (3 questions):

Eventually I got out of a knotty way to move in a restful manner meanwhile giving a halt to hectic disillusionment walk. The path to be perused was chock-a-block of darkness but abruptly the moon came up and showered its light on my access road. Subsequently, my eyeballs could see the encountering picture ahead as a misty light spontaneously focused on the thoroughfare. The trail seemed to be of less used one and solely was reflecting a horror affect as there were bare trees though the climate was chilled winter. The scene disappointed me as I supposed that once again I am going to catch 22 as customary. So the dreadful stance pushed me to soon get off the place and so I set my weariness body in forward mode, the dry pale yellow leaves had also got in motion with me as if a bit of my restricted vim got transferred to them too.

4. Why the author was moving in a restless manner in the beginning?

a) He was walking through a very simple way.

b) He was walking through a very short way.

c) He was walking through a very complex way.

d) He was walking through a very clear way.

Answer: c)

Explanation: The first line of the passage clearly states that the author got restless by walking through a knotty way.

5. What helped the author to choose a correct road?

a) Streetlight

b) Moonlight

c) Daylight

d) Twilight

Answer: b)

Explanation: The third line of the passage clearly states that the in the dark night the moon came up and showered its light which helped the author to choose a correct road.

6. Which of the following made the author more scared while he was moving forward on his path?

a) Covered trees in chilled winter.

b) Clear road at night.

c) Isolated road at night.

d) Moonlight in the middle of the night.

Answer: c)

Explanation: The fifth line of the passage clearly states that ‘The trail seemed to be of less used one and solely was reflecting a horror affect’.

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