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IAS Preparation

Rachit Saxena

IAS Preparation is the simplest and the toughest thing to do, both at the same time. It sounds little different that it is easy and difficult both at the same time.  IAS Preparation when supplemented by the right strategy, study plan and study material then it becomes an easy thing.

But on the contrary, IAS Preparation becomes the hardest thing on Earth if the candidate do not plan or don’t get the right things for the IAS Preparation. It means that getting right guidance is the key to succeed in the IAS Exam.  Long study hours does not matter but what matter is the quality of learning and the quality of the resource. The quality of resource decides the level of IAS Preparation.

Intelligence, past learning, analytical ability, learning and retention abilities, self learning abilities, ability to apply theoretic principles in reality and the likes are some of the important components to qualify in the IAS Exam as a whole.

What should be the ideal time to start the IAS Preparation? What are top essential things for best IAS Preparation? What the Toppers do in their IAS Preparation? How do people get selected in the IAS Examination?

Ideal Time to start the IAS Preparation

Early starters always have advantages over others. So IAS Preparation should be started as early as possible. It takes around one year to grasp what exactly it requires to become an IAS Officer. The IAS aspirants should adapt themselves as quickly as possible to the changing and challenging aspects of IAS Preparation. Each year the IAS Prelims surprises the candidates and there is no person who can claim that he alone judged the IAS Prelims Question Paper.
Ideal time to start the IAS preparation is the graduation time. Three year degree course provides ample opportunity for the IAS Preparation. The IAS aspirants can consistently spare 4 to 5 hours daily for the IAS Preparation and they can master each and every detail of the subsections of general studies. The IAS syllabus is the key to solve the puzzle of IAS Exam.

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