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IAS Topper 2013 Munish Sharma Shares his strategy for IAS Main

Rachit Saxena

IAS Topper 2013 Munish Sharma 2nd Rank shares his thoughts on the preparation of IAS Main Exam with Rachit Kumar Saxena. He summarized his preparation in a way which is very helpful to the future candidates preparing for the IAS Main Exams.

Munish Sharma did not segregate his studies for Prelims and Main and Prepared Side by side for both but after IAS Prelims the preparation was more focused on IAS Main Exam.He focused on the IAS Main Syllabus and prepared accordingly.

Compulsory Language Paper

Munish was very much comfortable with the languages and did not prepare for the Language Paper. Having fond of poetry, he also writes poetry in different languages.

Choosing the Subject

Munish Sharma emphasised that the natural interest plays an important role in the selection of the Subject. He found his connect with “LAW” and he said Law worked for him in both of his attempts. He prepared Law subject by reading the basic books and the coaching notes.He said that the LAW is a very analytical subject and some sections of Law subjects helped him in the General Studies such as the International Law, Constitutional Law and the likes. His focus was more on understanding the subject not just cramming it.

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General Studies Paper I

Munish Sharma focused on the NCERT for the General Studies Paper I as he found them beautifully written. He referred to Bipan Chadra’s Modern India and India’s freedom Struggle to get the wider picture. NCERT books hold the basis of his preparation.He also referred to the NCERT for the Fine arts for the class XI which he found very helpful for the cultural part of the Syllabus.

General Studies Paper II

Munish referred to Newspaper and made short notes of the newspaper. He referred to bare act for the Constitution of India.  For Social Justice topics he referred to the Yojana and kurukshetra Magazine but he also emphasised that the questions were quite general in their orientation.

General Studies Paper III

Having teaching experience, Munish Sharma was comfortable and clear with the general principles of Science. But he suggests reading NCERT books to understand the basics of Science clearly. He said habit of analysing the content is more important than just cramming it. He said instead of seeing the things in what and where perspective instead developing why perspective pays off. Newspaper helps very much for this section.  For Disaster Management Topics he relied on IGNOU notes for the Disaster Management .

General Studies Paper IV

Relied on the Sample Paper released by the UPSC, he wrote and rewrote the answers of the sample paper and gets them checked from histeachers. Moreover he also took help from the IGNOU notes for the ethics and integrity topics.

Answer Writing Practice

He emphasised that the answer writing practice helps a lot for the IAS Main answer writing. He emphasised that we should know how the candidates can budget their time and highlight the points which can appeal the examiner.

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