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IBPS Clerk Prelims 2019 Exam: Know Important Topics expected from English Language

Rupali Pruthi

IBPS Clerk Prelims Important Topics 2019: We have shared here the most important topics of the English Language section for IBPS Clerk Prelims Exam 2019. These topics have maximum chances to be asked in the IBPS Clerk exam. English Language Section considered as one of the high scoring sections and questions asked from this section test the candidates' knowledge of English Language. If you have practised this section well, then English section can be your strength area in order to fetch a high score.

Rigorous practice and revision can help a candidate in attempting questions from the English Language section in much less time in comparison to other sections. Questions in this section are asked in the form of Reading Comprehension, Antonym & Synonym; Fill in the blanks, Para Jumbles, Sentence Rearrangement, Cloze Test and others. 

Have a look at the major topics covered under the English Language Section of IBPS Clerk Prelims Exam 2019.

IBPS Clerk 2019: Most Important Topics of Reasoning Ability Section for Prelims Exam


Difficulty Level

Reading Comprehension


Synonyms & Antonyms


Fill in the blanks


Cloze Test


Spelling Test


Idioms and Phrases


One-word substitution


Sentence or Phrase Improvement


Sentence correction/ Spotting the error


Active/ Passive & Direct/ Indirect Speech


Jumbled Sentence/Sentence Rearrangement


Details about all English Language Topics

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Reading Comprehension: In this section, an unseen passage or poem is given in the exam and around 5 to 10 questions are asked from the given passage. Questions can be fillers, antonym & synonym and others.

Antonyms and Synonyms: An Antonym is a word that means the opposite of another word. On the other hand, Synonym means the same or nearly the same as the given or asked a word.

Cloze Test: It contains a passage along with the blanks. Candidates need to fill the blanks with an appropriate answer based on the given passage.

Fill in the blanks/Fillers: You need to fill the blanks with the most appropriate option given among the four options.

Spelling Test/Spell Check: Candidates need to select the correct spelling of the word given in the question.

Idioms and Phrases: Candidates are either asked the meaning of the given idioms and phrases or the other way round.

One-word substitution: You need to select the most appropriate word that replaces the given group of words or sentences without changing the meaning.

Sentence Improvement:  You need to choose the correct word from the given options that improve the meaning of the given sentence. This could be in terms of grammar or vocabulary usage.

Active/ Passive Voice:  A sentence is given in either Active or Passive Voice, candidates need to select the opposite (Active/ Passive) from the four options.

Direct-Indirect Speech: A sentence is given in either Indirect or Direct Speech; you need to choose the best option that expresses the same meaning in the opposite form - Indirect/Direct.

Sentence Rearrangement: Here, various jumbled up sentences are given; candidates need to rearrange the sentences to make them meaningful. This kind of question can be asked in either paragraph form or in the form of sentences.

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