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IIT Hyderabad launches M2Smart Testbed to develop low carbon transport models

Gurmeet Kaur

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Hyderabad has launched the ‘M2Smart Testbed’ which will be used to collect and process the traffic data through sensing technologies. This collected data will help develop low carbon models for Indian transport.

Presently the field testbed has been installed at the IIT-H campus and along a 30 km stretch of NH-65. The project will generate a practical handbook on low-carbon urban transportation that will be used in analysing key components of traffic management system.

Prof. Uday B. Desai, director of IIT Hyderabad, while speaking about the importance of this research said, “India has diverse modes of transportation and we need to understand this diversity in mobility better than we already do. The data acquired using the Testbed will enable us to gain a better understanding of multi-modal transportation in India that will ultimately help us provide solutions to reduce the carbon footprint.”

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The Testbed will also work on the development of the intersection decision support system using sensors, communication and computer technologies to help drivers recognise risky conditions so as to avoid collisions.

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M2Smart (Smart Cities for Emerging Countries based on Sensing, Network and Big Data Analysis of Multimodal Regional Transport System) is a joint project under the Science and Technology Research Partnership for Sustainable Development Program between India and Japan. The organizations involved in this joint research are IIT Hyderabad, Nihon University, Japan, and Nagoya Electric, Japan. 

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