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Why is Class 9 more important than Class 10?

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Almost everything that you study in school leads up towards your board exams. Grade 10 is known to be the first challenging exam that you will face. It lets you decide what you want to become in life. Moreover, it helps you gear up towards choosing subjects that you are more interested in. In some cities, students even step into junior college, which helps shape their aspirations and personality.

With all of the limelight on grade 10, students often tend to overlook the subjects taught in grade 9 since it is usually not counted during their final board exam score. However, if you are a student who really wishes to understand these topics for the long run, here is why you should focus on grade 9 as well.

Grade 9 lays the foundation for grade 10

There is a reason why certain concepts are taught to you in grade 9. These form the foundation of the syllabus for your board exam. Without mastering these concepts first, you will not be able to fully understand your board syllabus. This will prove as a hindrance while you are solving numerical problems, or deriving complex theorems.

In the end, you may resort to rote learning topics. This does not help in the long run, especially if you are preparing for an engineering or medical entrance examination.

The syllabus of class 9 is in tune with that of class 11

If you are a CBSE student, at first glance, you may feel that your class 9 syllabus does not have much in common with class 10. This is why you may be convinced to ignore it and directly jump to class 10. However, according to multiple educators, CBSE has designed your class 9 syllabus to form the basis for class 11. Your class 10 syllabus forms the basis for class 12. For example, when it comes to Kinematics and Laws of Motion, you learn the concepts and equations in class 9. In class 11, you learn how to apply them. This means, that if your concepts are strong in class 9 itself, class 11 gets much easier!

Moreover, remember that your CBSE grade 12 board exams will be based on both, grade 11 and grade 12 syllabus. It’s best to not ignore grade 9 now, only to study it later with the added pressure of competitive exams.

Grade 9 gives you a glimpse into future career options

Grade 9 is the stepping stone towards understanding what do you want to become later in life. This is when you evaluate your interests and map out a path for your future. Focus on every subject and other extracurricular activities like English, Physics, Maths, Volleyball, Debate and Elocution, etc. This will give you a better footing while you are choosing your course.

If you only run after scoring high marks in grade 10, you may end up with a good score, but will be completely at sea when it comes to pinpointing your interests.

To sum up…

Grade 9 is an important bridge between regular school life, and being mature enough to make decisions that will shape the rest of your future. Even though your marks will not be counted in the actual board exams, enjoy every second and live in the present because this time won't return.

About the Author:

Manish Kumar graduated from IIT Bombay in 2006 with a degree in Metallurgical and Materials Science. He then pursued masters in Materials Science Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology, USA. Post his graduation, he joined Indian School Finance Company, where he was part of the core team responsible for business strategies and growth. In 2013, he co-founded SEED Schools, a venture focused on improving quality of low-cost K-12 education in India with a vision to make quality education accessible. He is currently Vice President of Product - Learning & Pedagogy at

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