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Important Questions for UPSC IAS Main Exam GS Paper IV

Jagran Josh

As per the IAS toppers, this General Studies Paper IV is designed to check the ethical integrity of the candidate for the Civil Services. Honesty and the courage to report the corruption are the prime qualities required from the candidates joining the civil services. The candidates are also tested through the case studies and their reactions are checked about how they balance the personal and professional life.

Following are the important Questions for the IAS Main GS Paper IV

1.    Utilitarianism regards happiness as the guide for human actions. Explain( 100 words)

2.    Moral values and administrative truth is far apart. Discuss (100 words)

3.    What do you understand by human values? Discuss one such value you cherished from your parents.(150 words)

4.    Socrates conception of citizenship emphasizes the individual’s own powers of independent reasoning, argument and judgment. Explain( 150 words)

5.    You are in queue for tatkal railway reservation in Delhi. You saw the railway personnel in charge of booking indulge in unfair practice by taking form from peers inside the counter due to this you are risked of missing the reservation in your train.
What should you do?
i.    If you did not got the ticket in the desired train
ii.    You got your ticket in the desired train

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