Improvement in Food Resources: Important Questions & Preparation Tips

Get the CBSE Class 9th Science chapter, Improvement in Food Resources: Important Questions & Preparation Tips 2015. This will provide you with a very clear idea about what type of questions are being framed for the exam and from which topics. The pattern in which the Question Paper is set is quite different from the style in which the course structure is actually defined. Consider the below mentioned terms/questions at the time of preparation.

Revise the Important Tips for the chapter Improvement in Food Resources and then opt for the Important Questions:

  1. Nitrogen and Hydrogen
  1. NPK
  2. Lodging

Important Questions are as below:

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Q. What are concentrates?

Q. What is culture fishery?

Q. What is mericulture?

Q. What are weeds and why they are unwanted?

Q. What is apiculture? List the important species of bees.

Q. What are layers?

Q. Name two indigenous and two exotic breeds of poultry

Q. Explain the steps of vermi-compost

Q. What is the main food?

Q. What is composting?

Q. Name the bee species known as Indian bee

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