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Is aggression required in a Group Discussion?

Jagran Josh

In an Interview conducted by, Karishma Gaur, English Language Expert (CELTA Certified) discusses her opinion on “Is aggression required in a Group Discussion”?

Key points Discussed in the Video:

Rule about the Body Language: “Only 20% of what you feel gets translated on your facial expression”. But, this many not hold true everywhere.

What will be observed!

  1. Behaviour i.e. (words and expressions) and,
  2. Body Language i.e. (Outward Appearance: hand gestures, looking at someone, way of sitting)

Aggressive Body Language

Aggressive body language often becomes noticeable when you do not agree with others:

  1. A double take expression when you contradict with the other person
  2. Glaring at the speaker, if you do not second their opinion
  3. Getting up from the chair, or being shifty on the chair. It shows that you are not comfortable with the opinion of others
  4. Making “Lord gesture” in order to put forward your point of discussion
  5. Lowering down your head ad smiling to yourself when others are speaking

What to Avoid!

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  1. Avoid non-friendly kind of hostile behavior
  2. Do not show “Lord Gesture” hand movement as it would not drive the attention of others on you in an agreeable manner.
  3. Avoid making wrong head gestures as it showcases that you are a judgmental person

What to Follow:

  1. Give verbal nods which are much appreciated
  2. Keep nodding subtly to what others are speaking
  3. When you contradict say “hmm… well I don’t think I agree with this right now” in a polite manner.
  4. If you wish to contradict say: “well I am sure, that it is the way you believe, however, what I think is...”. In this manner, you showcase Respect to the opinion of others.

Takeaway: Aggression is never appreciated anywhere. It might offend the other people who are at same level with you. So, stay positive with the content that you wish to deliver.

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