JEE Advanced 2017 Solved Physics Question Paper-1, Code-7

Joint Entrance Examination is an all India common engineering entrance examination. This test is divided into two exams JEE Main and JEE Advanced. JEE Advanced is the second stage of JEE. Those candidates who qualify JEE Main become eligible to give JEE Advanced. JEE Advanced is conducted by seven zonal Indian Institutes of Technology every year that offers admission to 23 IITs including ISM Dhanbad.

JEE Advanced is conducted in offline mode only

This paper is conducted in two parts: Paper 1 and Paper 2. Both have multiple choice and numerical answer type questions. Each of the paper has three parts- Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Duration of both the papers is 3 hours.

Both the exams are of 183 marks which consist of 54 questions.

Previous year papers help the students to understand the pattern of the examination. In this article you can find JEE Advanced 2017 Solved Question Paper of Physics (Paper 1 of Physics) which consists of 18 questions. This paper will be helpful for those aspirants who are going to appear for the coming engineering entrance exams. The students must go through the complete paper in order to understand the examination pattern and the level of questions asked in the examination.











 Below are the some sample questions and their answers:

Q 1.  A block of mass M has a circular cut with a frictionless surface as shown. The block rests on the horizontal frictionless surface of a fixed table. Initially the right edge of the block is at x = 0, in a co- ordinate system fixed to the table. A point mass m is released from rest at the topmost point of the path as shown and it slides down. When the mass loses contact with the block, its position is x and the velocity is v. At that instant, which of the following options is/are correct?

Ans 1.  Net external force acting on the system along the x-axis is zero.

        Along the x-axis

Momentum is conserved


From conservation of energy

Q2. In the circuit shown, L = 1μH, C = 1μF and R = 1 kΩ. They are connected in series with an a.c. source

V  = V0 sinωt as shown. Which of the following options is/are correct?

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Q3. A block M hangs vertically at the bottom end of a uniform rope of constant mass per unit length.

The top end of the rope is attached to a fixed rigid support at O. A transverse wave pulse (Pulse 1) of

wavelength λ0 is produced at point O on the rope. The pulse takes time TOA to reach point A. If the

wave pulse of wavelength λ0 is produced at point A (Pulse 2) without disturbing the position of M it

takes time TAO to reach point O.


Q4. A flat plate is moving normal to its plane through a gas under the action of a constant

force F. The gas is kept at a very low pressure. The speed of the plate v is much less than the

average speed u of the gas molecules. Which of the following options is/are true?

(A) The pressure difference between the leading and trailing faces of the plate is proportional to uv

(B) The plate will continue to move with constant non-zero acceleration, at all times

(C) At a later time external force F balances the resistive force

(D) The resistive force experienced by the plate is proportional to v

To get the question paper for the JEE Advanced 2017 Physics paper-1, click here

To get the Solved question paper for the JEE Advanced 2017 Physics paper-1, click here

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