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JEE Main 2019: Only 4 days left, Check common mistakes to be avoided for improving NTA Score

Rahul Tomar

There are only four days left for the JEE Main 2019 April Exam to begin. About 70% of the January exam candidates are going to appear again for April exam to improve their All India Ranking (AIR) of JEE Main 2019. Students have already covered the complete syllabus of JEE Main which is exactly same as the Class 11 and Class 12 Syllabus. Here, we will discuss a few common mistakes which candidates generally commit while preparing for their JEE Main in last few days before the exam.

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Let’s check what these mistakes are:

1. Study new topics:

Generally, students don’t want to leave any topic for JEE Main 2019. That’s why they try to study new topics in the last moment before the exam. But sometimes, students face difficulties while studying any topic due to which they lose their confidence. Students need to be confident to score good marks in JEE Main 2019. Thus, students should avoid studying new topic in last few days.

2. Self Evaluation:

It is very important for students to attempt a number of Mock Tests for better understanding of the exam pattern and to improve speed and accuracy before appearing for the final exam. After attempting any mock test, few students try to evaluate their selves as a result their moral goes down. Therefore, it’s better to avoid evaluating themselves at the very last moment.

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3. Comparing with others:

Some students start comparing themselves with friends and come at conclusion that their preparation is not good. Remember, if you are comparing yourself with others then you are insulting yourself. It is obvious thing that you can’t do anything in your friend's performance, but you can certainly do well in the upcoming JEE Main exam. Therefore, students should focus only on their studies.

4. Ignoring Revision:

Students shouldn’t ignore the importance of revision to score good marks in JEE Main 2019. Revision is very necessary for students because it helps to retain different formulae and concepts in brain and recall the same while writing the exam. Thus, students should revise all important formulae and concepts what they studied during preparation of the exam.

5. Over confident:

Few students start thinking that they know everything and they will easily get a very good score in the exam. Due to this over-confidence, they do not read anything a few days before the examination and as a result they don’t score well in the exam. Therefore, students should try to revise all the concepts what they read during preparation of the JEE Main 2019 exam.

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