JEE Main 2020: Important Topics for Chemistry - Based on Analysis of Previous Exam

JEE Main 2020 will start from 6th January onwards and students who have not downloaded their JEE Main 2020 admit cards yet can download it from the official website. 

Here a subject expert is providing details about important topics & concepts of the Chemistry subject, which are very important for the upcoming JEE Main 2020 (January) exam.

The expert has analysed the previous JEE Main exam and based on the analysis, he is telling us about some important topics and concepts from which questions are expected in JEE Main 2020.

According to the expert, 

- 2 to 3 questions can be asked from the chapter Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure 

- 2 questions are expected from Thermodynamics

- 1 to 2 questions from Structure of Atom

- 2 questions from Equilibrium

- 2 questions from Organic Chemistry: Some Basic Principles & Techniques

- 1 question from  Solid State

- 1 question from Solutions

- 1 question from chemical Kinetics

- 2 questions Electrochemistry

For complete details you can watch the complete video. If you are unable to see the video then you can use this link.

Polymers, Biomolecules, Chemistry in Everyday Life, Environmental Chemistry General Principles and Process of Isolation of Elements from NCERT Textbooks.

In the end of the video, the expert is also telling us about some very important topics and they are

- Chemical Bonding & Molecular Structure: Hybridization & Shapes (Xenon Fluorides, Interhalogen Compounds), Molecular Orbital Theory (Examples of Nitrogen & Oxygen)

- Coordination Compound: Valence Bond Theory (VBT), Iron & Nickel (Structure & Hybridization)

- Electrochemistry: Nernst Equation

- Organic Chemistry: Some Basic Principles & Techniques - SN1 & SN2 Reactions, E1 & E2 Reactions, Aldol Condensation, Cannizzaro Reaction, Carbylamine Reaction, Reimer-Tiemann Reaction  

For complete details watch the complete video.

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