JEE Main Chemistry Solved Question Paper 2018

Completely solved question paper of JEE Main 2018 (Chemistry section) is available here. There are 30 questions in Chemistry section of JEE Main 2018 question paper. Here, you will find detailed explanations of all the questions.

JEE Main 2018 (Offline or Pen and Paper based) Paper 1 and Paper 2 were conducted by CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) on April 08, 2018.

This year, four different sets (Set A, B, C and D) of question papers were provided by CBSE. Most of the questions in all the sets were almost similar (except slight modification in the order of questions). This was done to avoid cheating in the examination. In this article, you will get the solutions of Set C.

With the help of solutions provided here, students can crosscheck their solutions and can also calculate their expected score based on the number of correct and incorrect answer chosen by them in the exam.

Some sample questions from the Chemistry section of JEE Main 2018 paper are given below:


Which of the following salts is the most basic in aqueous solution?


(2) FeCl3

(3) Pb(CH3COO)2

(4) Al(CN)3

Solution: (1)

When potassium acetate reacts with water then strong base CH3COOH and weak base KOH are evolved.



Which of the following are Lewis acids?

(1) AlCl3 and SiCl4

(2) PH3 and SiCl4

(3) BCl3 and AlCl3

(4) PH3 and BCl3

Solution: (3)

Since, BCl3 and AlCl3 both have vacant p-orbital & incomplete octet.

Therefore, both BCl3 and AlCl3 act as Lewis acid.

Hence, the correct option is (3).

JEE Main 2018: Solved Question Paper (Mathematics) 


An alkali is titrated against an acid with methyl orange as indicator, which of the following a correct combination?

 Base                Acid                 End point

(1)        Strong              Strong              Pinkish red to yellow

(2)        Weak               Strong              Yellow to pinkish red

(3)        Strong              Strong              Pink to colourless

(4)        Weak               Strong              Colourless to pink

Solution: (2)

In acidic medium Methyl orange shows pinkish red colour whereas in basic medium it shows yellow colour.

In this given question, original solutions is basic, therefore, initial color is yellow.

Finally it is titrated with acid to final colour is Pinkish red.

JEE Main 2018: Solved Question Paper (Physics)


Total number of lone pair of electrons in I3 ion is

(1) 6

(2) 9

(3) 12

(4) 3

Solution: (2)

From the above figure it is clear that total 9 lone pairs are present in I3.




Other questions and their solutions are available in PDF.

Download JEE Main 2018 Solved Question Paper (Chemistry) in PDF format

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