JEE Main 2019 Expert Tips: How to Prepare for JEE Exam? Study Notes & Mock Test for JEE

Students preparing for JEE Main 2019 often come with some doubts and queries about the preparation for the engineering entrance test. Students want to know the answers to all their queries before starting preparation of JEE Main 2019.

A few questions by the engineering aspirants are:

•    How to prepare for JEE computer based time?

•    How to prepare Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics while preparing for JEE?

•    How should they prepare study notes? What should be included in the study notes?

•    How to select best study material for JEE? Is studying from NCERT books sufficient to clear the JEE Main?

Jagran Josh presents a special video in which dean of FIIT JEE Noida Centre is giving some useful tips.

A brief summary of the complete video is given below:


What are the different strategies that students should follow for Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics while preparing for JEE?


Students should try to devote more time on solving variety of questions in Mathematics. Solve calculus questions using visual approach and graphical method. Use free body diagram while solving questions in Physics subject. Understand the mechanism of all the name reactions in Chemistry. Solve questions from NCERT level to JEE Advanced level. Try to solve questions based on intermingle concepts.


How should students prepare study notes? What should they include in the study notes?


Prepare notes side by side while studying any topic. Try to keep your notes crispy and handy so that you can refer these notes at any time you want. Prepare notes in your handwriting which help will you to grasp any topic or concept faster. Never go for readymade notes which are available in market.

Watch the video to know more questions and answers.

About the Expert:

Mr. Ramesh Batlish is the Dean as well as an IIT Mathematics Trainer at FIITJEE, Noida. Earlier, he was the centre head of Guru Education Ltd (FIITJEE Group Company) from August 2007 to February 2010. He joined as Mathematics Professor & Co-ordinator in Mathematics Department at FIITJEE, South Delhi in November 2001. He has been teaching and guiding JEE aspirants for more than a decade.


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