Jobs Best Suited to People with an Artistic Personality

rtistic people usually struggle when it comes to finding the perfect jobs for themselves. More often than not they are not cut for the monotonous, bog standard 9 to 5 jobs that offer no creative outlet. Also, when someone is determined to find a job that fits their artistic dispositions, they are often told to be prepared for low salary packages. It is the common belief that pursuit of an artistic career is less lucrative than its counterparts. But that's not entirely true. People with a graduate degree in artistic disciplines have quite a versatile skill set. And contrary to the popular belief the artistic careers offer one great career opportunities along with a chance to work in some of the best industries of today.

Some of the great high paying career best suited to people with artistic personality are as follows.

Art Director

'Art director' is quite an impressive job title when it comes to creative careers. As art directors are the upper-level executives who usually are responsible for managing a team of designers working on a creative project. The job of an art director, however, exits in a number of creative fields and can lead to different responsibilities in different industries. But they are mainly responsible for overseeing the planning, conceptual layout, designing of photographs, advertisements, visual elements of magazines, newspaper, film sets etc. But that's not all and their job doesn't end at just the creative element for an art director must also be a leader. Someone who can inspire guide the team towards the desired vision. To become an art director you need to have done a bachelor's degree in art, design, photography or some related discipline and have relevant work experience to back your talent. Some administrative positions also require people to have acquired an MBA or MFA degree.

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Graphic Designer

Graphic Designers are responsible for designing creative graphics and other visual images for clients. This requires one to have a keen business sense along with a creative flair. The job also includes you having to analyze the client's needs, design visual images and produce illustrations, text, animations and promotional material. You'd be working with specialized software to design logos, brochures, advertisements, animations, illustrations etc for magazines, websites, newspapers, journals and other such publication mediums. You will be working in close quarters with advertisers, promotional managers, public relations specialists, marketing managers, campaign planners and other such creative members of the team. Also to gain employment as a graphic designer you will be required to have at least a bachelor's level degree in graphic designing or fine arts and other such relevant courses. You could opt for working full time with some design studio or even become a freelancer.

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Artist's Agent/Business Manager

Artist's Agents are the people who are the experts in the art industry and always aware of current trends in the industry. They usually represent artists and promote their talents. The artist usually pays the agents on a commission and/or fees basis to market him and his art. Agents also work on the artist's behalf to find places and venues for selling his art or display their work. They are responsible for offering strategic planning to advance the artist's career which usually includes handling their contracts, payment negotiations, arranging meetings, direct marketing campaigns, oversee public relations efforts and other such things. Art agents usually have bachelor's degree in art history and work as artists initially until acquiring enough work experience to advance to agent positions.

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Art Professor

Like a professor of any other subject an art professor is responsible for teaching art. This includes giving lectures on different art types, talking about the history of art, different artists and their styles and helping students improve upon their existing talents. The setting of their classes depends on the kind of subject they are teaching it could be either a normal classroom setting or it could even be a studio. They are responsible for planning developing course curriculums along with assignments and projects for students. Taking trips to art galleries and museums also are a common part of their job. If you are working as a professor at some university or similar institution you also be required to perform research, offer critical reviews, analyze documents and artworks. Publish findings within scholarly articles to advance and remain up to date with the current happenings in the field. To take up a job as an art professor you must have at least a master's degree in education with the visual arts or art history together combined with some work experience in the art field. And if you are aiming at big universities or reputed colleges than its better to go for doctoral degrees in the art field.

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Commercial Artist

Commercial Artists are people who are responsible for creating and developing graphics and images for various platforms. Such artists are in big demand in the advertising campaigns, print, online magazine, filmmaking, animations and other such creative fields. As a commercial artist, you'd be closely working with your clients and other team members to brainstorms ideas and refine designs. You'd also have to have a good understanding of the client's target markets, budgeting issues and other project objectives. Your main responsibility would be to interpret the conceptual ideas based on clients briefs and produce drafts that meet the client's requirements. You have the freedom working both as an employee at some agency or as a freelancer whatever suits you better. Also, you could find work at advertising agencies, publishing companies, graphic designing firms, game designing companies, animation studios, and many other such organizations. To find work as a commercial artist you need to have at least a bachelor's degree in graphic designing or other such art courses.

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Interior Designer

Interior Designers are professionals who are responsible for ensuring aesthetically pleasing interior spaces. They combine functioning, safety, style and beauty together to design amazing interiors. As an interior designer, your job profile would require you to closely work with clients, understand their requirements and deliver outstanding projects based on their likings. But along with that, you'd also need to keep in mind the practical purpose of the space and design it accordingly. You could sketch ideas both freehand on paper or use the specialized software on the computer. In your field of work you need to have strong networking skills as you'd be closely working with contractors, architects, structural engineers to ensure a project adheres to clients requirement and yet at the same time falls under the building regulations. Many designers chose to specialize in particular structures or styles. This field too like many other mentioned before offers the freedom of working full time at some organization or starting your thing as a freelancer. Also, to find employment as an Interior designer you must have at least a  bachelor's level degree in interior design, drawing and be proficient in designing software used in the field. To climb up the corporate ladder you could also go for advanced level courses. 

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Freelance Writer

Freelance Writer is basically someone who is responsible for researching and preparing articles, stories, books and other such content for online, print, television and radio platforms. You will be working mostly on an independent basis gathering information from various sources, fact-checking, creating content, editing and reviewing the final project before publishing or sending it out to relevant clients. Some people with technical backgrounds also go for technical writing it requires one to have a sound educational background in the field he is writing about. You could go for many niche fields such as that of academic writing, script writing, speechwriter for famous people, journalism etc. One doesn't need to have a degree in creative writing necessarily to become a freelance writer. But depending upon the field that you wish to work in you can go a variety of courses such as that of journalism, English literature, script writing. One can even take up writing after a degree in engineering if you have good writing skills. For a lot of freelance writing, positions don't require you to have a degree in writing course but simply creativity, dedication and motivation.

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Animation basically is the art of making images come to life on screen. And as an animator, you'd be responsible for the development, creation and production of moving images used for websites, video games, feature films, websites and other media. You would need to have been trained in specialized computer software, computer graphics and hand drawings to produce various kinds of 2D and 3D animations. Your work would include having to work with drawings, specialist software, model making, capturing separate images of each state of moving forward. You would work as a full-time employee at some organization or you could also opt for part-time for freelancing basis. To qualify for entry level position at any good animation studio you would be required to have at least a bachelor's degree in art, computer graphics or other such relevant fields. You would also be required to have some kind of work experience, an impressive portfolio and strong technical skills.   

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Music Producer

A music producer is someone who is responsible for overseeing the production and development of songs. You'd need to have good networking skills while having an ear for spotting young talent. You must also have a knack for the kind of music and tracks that would appeal to your target markets. To become a music producer you necessarily don't require to have a degree in music but having one can be really beneficial. Also, before you make up your mind to step in this field be mindful that it is highly competitive with slow growth. You'd need to have the talent to do something unique and stand apart from the crowd to make a name for yourself in the field. Your job would require you to bring together both the instrumental and vocal elements and master the skills of sound mixing.

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Video Editor

As a video editor, you'll be responsible for assembling a raw recording into a finished product that good to go for broadcasting or uploading on the desired platforms. You'd be playing a major role in the post-production process as you'd be responsible for delivering a high-quality final product. You might enjoy creative freedom in some project while in others you might have to work in close confines of the clients or directions instructions. But if you think you have a creative eye and a knack for editing and creating videos then this is the perfect job for you. You can find work in a number of settings such as that of advertising agencies, production companies or television studios and other such organizations. You could both take up a job at some organization for becoming a freelancer but be warned that you'd be working on very tight deadlines and under high pressure in this field.

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Photography one of the most popular career choice among a lot of youngsters these days. As a professional photographer, you could decide to specialize in a particular field such as that of people, places, events, wildlife, travel etc. Some people even go of fashion, advertising, clinical and wedding photography specializations. More often than not professional photographers prefer to work alone but to get entry into this field its best to find an established photographer who is open to hiring assistants as there you can learn the craft from an expert and his contact come in quite handy for you when you are ready to advance in the field. However, before you make up your mind for a career a professional photographer be warned that working hours in this field are often irregular. Also depending on your work and area of specialization you might be working in different settings such as that of a studio or outdoors. Although, there are no set academic qualifications for becoming a professional photographer but more and more budding photographer prefer to do a course in photography so as to master the technical skills required in the field.

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Event Planner

Event Planners are responsible for managing and organizing parties and events for their clients. For someone who loves to throw a party or plan one this is a perfect job. What's more is that you get paid for something that's fun and you enjoy doing. But this is no task as you'd also be taking up large-scale projects such as expos and trade shows. You job mainly includes meeting with clients, work out event details, scout for locations and ensure everything is in place for the event. Such as for overseeing that cocktails remain cold, food is served hot, lighting is all perfect etc. You are also required to stick to the client's budgets and make the best of the event in that. You'd also be responsible for hiring keynote speakers, celebrities, A/V teams and equipment and ensure that everything runs smoothly. The job of an event planner is quite interesting and tiring at times. It's advised to complete a course in event planning before stepping into the field. Also, you could take up a job with some organization or work as a freelancer based on your preferences.

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Makeup Artist

Makeup Artist is the people who have the ability to transforms anyone's looks and make them look they're very best. While the work of a makeup artist might seem quite easy on the outside, in reality, it's very difficult. As you need to have the ability to work with people of different skin tones, textures, features and face shapes. Makeup artists transform a person's appearances making use of make-up, paint, wigs and such accessories. As a make-up artist, you might find work in many different environments from film and theater sets, live performance, live performances to many other small-scale events also like weddings or other such family functions. You can work both independently or as a part of a team in entertainment, fashion, cosmetic service and other such industries. It's often advisable to have earned a degree in the make-up artistry or cosmetology and other such program and then train under a good professional before venturing out on your own in this field.

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Game Designer

If you love playing video games and have a creative side to your personality then a career as a game designer might be the perfect profession for you. Game designers are responsible for devising new computer games. They basically define the gaming experience that is defining the way the game is to be played, the rules, the setting, the story and the characters etc. A designer you'd be working closely with programmers, artists, animators, producers and audio engineers to ensure that the game turns out to be perfect. Although there are no set requirements for designers but most of the people in this field are usually graduates. Employers usually look for people with experience in the gaming industry for example- someone who has been a game tester would be preferred over an inexperienced fresher. You might choose to attend a short course on the technological developments and familiarize yourself with the software used but a majority of this will be learned on the job. And what better career could a gamer have than getting to design his own games.

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To Conclude,

So, fellas here is the list of some of the most interesting and popular career opportunities for people with artistic personality. What are you waiting for pick the one that appeals the most to you and start down your own road of a creative career.

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