Joint CSIR-UGC NET December 2013: Model Papers: Earth Sciences

Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR) is going to organize Joint CSIR UGC National Eligibility Test (NET) on 22nd December 2013 in six notified subjects. is providing the sample model paper for the candidates preparing for this exam.

CSIR holds the Joint CSIR-UGC NET twice a year, usually in the month of June and December. And, this is the time for CSIR-UGC NET - December 2013, which is going to be held on 22nd December in the subjects - Chemical Sciences; Earth, Atmospheric, Ocean and Planetary Sciences; Life Sciences; Mathematical Sciences; Physical Sciences; Engineering Sciences.

1. Albedo of a surface is defined by the ratio of outgoing to incoming solar radiation. Keeping this in view, which of the following surface will have the highest albedo?

1. Water
2. Sand
3. Snow
4. Forest

2. Geostrophic wind is a balance between the pressure gradient force and the Coriolis force. In non-geostrophic wind, flow will become circulatory because of

1. Pressure difference term
2. Momentum term
3. Temperature difference term
4. Shear term

3. In valley-mountain system, cold air is heavier than warm air, and thus flows down hill as a katabatic wind. In the case of an anabatic wind,

1. Wind rises vertically in the valley
2. Wind forms updraft and downdraft motion
3. Wind will flow along the slope
4. Wind will have cross mountain flow

Joint CSIR-UGC NET December 2013: Model Papers: Earth Sciences
Joint CSIR UGC NET December 2013: Syllabus for All Subjects
Joint CSIR UGC NET December 2013: Exam Scheme

CSIR will issue the list of registered candidates on 20 November 2013 for Joint CSIR UGC NET December 2013 scheduled to be held on 22 December.

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