Best collection of Khadi shirts for men, buy and support rural artisans

Did you know khadi cloths are spun and hand-woven mostly by Indian rural artisans? The Khadi fabric is crafted by hand using natural dyed yarns to make sure no carbon footprint and no chemical treatment. This makes the Khadi fabric skin-friendly and comfortable to wear. If you want to support the cause of rural employment and improve your personality at the same time, go for these Khadi Shirts that are available at affordable price:

Khadi Men's Cotton Handwoven Shirt

This piece of elegantly crafted khadi shirt will surely add style to your personality. It is lightweight that comes with moisture absorbent capacity and ensures all-round comfort. The shirt reflects eye-catching contemporary design. Apart from this, the fabric is skin-friendly and the colour does not fade over time. You can wear it at any occasion and flaunt your traditional yet stylish looks.

Handwoven Khadi Men's Formal Shirt

This formal shirt is hand woven and is finished with an attractive purple colour. It a half-sleeve, front buttoned cotton formal shirt that can be worn at any occasion. The fabric used to craft this shirt is skin-friendly and is comfortable to wear. However, make sure to wash the shirt in mild water and keep it away from the reach of corrosive chemicals.

Khadi India Cotton Formal Shirt

The formal shirt from Khadi India is crafted from poly cotton and finished with vibrant yellow colour. It has eye-catching khadi pattern and also features half-sleeve and front buttoned outline with buttoned closure. The shirt is stylish in looks and also comfortable to wear. Apart from this, the fabric of this shirt is skin-friendly and is free from any kind of chemical treatment.

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