JEE: Chapter Notes and Important Questions of Kinematics

Kinematics is one of the important chapters in the Physics syllabus of JEE Main and JEE Advanced. About 2-3 questions are always asked from this chapter in the exam. Here, we are providing chapter notes or revision notes of Kinematics including important concepts and formulae. These chapter notes will help you in retaining maximum facts and formulae. In addition to formulae and facts, we have also included some solved examples that have been picked from previous years’ engineering entrance exams papers. The solutions to examples are elaborate and easy to understand.

Students can study the following topics here:

  • Distance,
  • Displacement,
  • Average velocity,
  • Average speed,
  • Average acceleration,
  • Kinematics equation for uniformly accelerated motion,
  • Graph for the uniform motions and
  • Projectile motion,

Important Concepts:

JEE: Chapter Notes and Important Questions - Magnetism

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