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Know why companies take psychometric test?

Krishnendu Chatterjee

Today, employers are seeking those candidates who are not only skillful but also are honest and have sound behavioral traits. But, how can a recruiter find out about these subtle traits in a candidate that too in a 15 minutes interview. The best way to do that is through a psychometric test. Let’s find out the specific reason for why companies ask for a psychometric test:

For insightful interviews with a clear objective

The first reason for taking psychometric test in interview processes is to improve the quality of recruiting system by allowing hiring managers to take well-informed recruitment decisions.  There are many scientific and authentic tools that provide exact information on how likely a candidate is to handle and manage work activities such as working in teams, managing stakeholders, coping with intense pressure and finding analytical solutions to tough problems.

Chances of faking the exam is minimum

In sophisticated psychometric test designs, there is no set pattern, wherein candidates can fake in the exam. In such question papers, candidates are forced to answer honestly, and any effort to manipulate the question paper is instantly spotted by the interviewer, which may serious put question mark on the authenticity of the applicant.  Employers want the candidates appearing for interviews should be honest besides having professional skills.

Psychometric tests are less time consuming 

Interviewers have limited frame in which they are supposed to decide and choose the desirable candidate. Psychometric tests are the best way to find out about the true nature and skills of a candidate. Interviewers can simply asses the performance report instead of making individual perception. These reports will help them to design relevant questions around the strong and weak areas of an applicant.

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Chances of doing mistakes are less

Mostly, unstructured interviews are the least authentic ones as selection of a candidate is based on the gut-feeling of a recruiter as no solid evidence of behavioral traits and skills can be measured in a short span of time. Here, Psychometric tests come into play as the performance report generated though such tests can clearly provide honest insights about an applicant’s potential.

Unbiased interviews are possible 

Irrespective of cast, creed, gender and religion, unbiased decisions are made through psychometric tests as such tests are purely based on analytical questions that one has to answer as per his/her own logic. And, based on the results, interviewers find it easy to make the right hiring decision. Moreover, psychometric tests also helps in doing justice to the objective of the hiring process, what exactly a company is look for and how well an applicant is suited for the specific role.  

Checks the willingness of an applicant

Completing a test is more than sending resume for the job application. A psychometric test requires time and effort, and since a candidate is taking the test, it means he is committed to his job and wants to work on the respective profile.

This is why a psychometric test has become so important when it comes to hire an employee. And, as a job seeker you must too know the reason behind an employer’s will to take a psychometric test. In case, you have something to say, please feel free to pen down your views in the comment box. For more such interesting stories, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter at

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