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MBA at FMS: MBA in Finance | BBA vs. B.Com

Parikshit Bhardwaj

MBA in Finance is a lucrative and booming field of specialization among the MBA aspirants. Finance which is the foundation and critical department of any organisation, be it corporate, NGO or any financial institution, recruiters are in search of the right candidates that possess proficiency in stratergising correct policies for the benefit of the organisation and its stake holders.

In this article, Prof. Pankaj Sinha, the Finance faculty at Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi, shares with us his opinion and thoughts about the qualities that FMS specifically looks for in an aspirant willing to seek admission in MBA Finance course.

He also shares a few insights about the scope and career options available to the candidates pursuing MBA in finance. So read on to find out, how MBA in finance can be a game-changer in your career when MBA placements at FMS Delhi are concerned:

Q-1) What are the key qualities/traits that B-School look for in MBA aspirant?

As per the professor, when a candidate applies to the MBA program at FMS, University of Delhi, he/she is analysed on the basis of the traits mentioned as under:

1. Whether an aspirant possess leadership qualities

2. Whether an aspirant holds basic knowledge about the business

3. Whether an aspirant carries values that takes to become a good human being, good business leader

4. Whether an aspirant is familiar with fundamentals of subjects in MBA

So these are the basic qualities we look for in any candidate when we interview.

Q-2) What are the career options and scope after an MBA in finance?

Considering the career and scope of MBA in Finance, Prof. Pankaj said that FMS focuses on disseminating and training students on control functions and treasury functions. These functions are an integral part of corporate and financial business. Even the recruiters that come for MBA placements in the domain of Finance look for candidates who are skilled in knowledge of control functions and the treasury functions.

Major areas where there is maximum hiring in the domain of MBA in Finance are:

1. Corporate finance risk management,

2. Investment banking, and

3. Private equity

Q-3) What is better for doing - BBA or B.Com? 

Coming over to the question of differentiating between B.B.A and B.Com, Prof. Sinha believes that both the undergraduate programmes' focus is to make a student proficient in the domain of subjects that are linked to the subjects covered under MBA in Finance. So, if the candidate's performance in either of B.B.A or B.Com had been decent then it doesn't matter at the time of seeking admission in MBA Finance.

An aspirant must possess the qualities mentioned as under to qualify for admission at FMS:

1. Leadership qualities

2. Basic foundation of the subjects

3. Good values

Q-4) What message would you like to give to future MBA aspirants?

Coming from Prof. Sinha, he believes that B-schools are facing the issue of getting the right candidates to mentor. A B-school is welcoming to the candidates who seek admission with a vision to enter the field of management. When candidates apply for the B-schools without any goal or objective, it becomes difficult for them to absorb the right amount of the insights required to become a professional in the domain of management.

Therefore, Jagran Josh's initiative should be aimed at imbibing knowledge and correct insights among the potential aspirants, so that they are aware about the pros and cons of pursuing MBA.

About the Author

Dr. Pankaj Sinha is a Professor of Financial Engineering at Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi. He teaches financial modelling and forecasting, financial derivatives and financial engineering, quantitative analysis of financial decisions and Statistics. Dr. Sinha received his Ph.D. in Bayesian Econometrics from the University of Delhi and his research, professional and teaching interests revolve around the areas of Bayesian econometrics, forecasting, financial engineering, financial mathematics, investment and financial risk management.

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