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MBA at IIMs: Life After MBA

Gaurav Macwan

MBA at IIMs is a dream for numerous students, but rarely do they know what awaits them once they enter the campus of a B-school.Only a few know the opportunities and challenges that await them after completing their MBA from top MBA colleges in India. Want to know answers to these important questions? Let’s find out.

Jagranjosh has launched a unique initiative of spreading the right and relevant information about MBA at IIMs and top B-schools in India. As part of this initiative, Prof. AnindyaSen - Former Dean – Academic & Programme Initiatives, IIM Calcutta explains MBA aspirants can expect after completing their MBA. Elaborating upon the challenges and opportunities available to management graduates walking out of top B-schools in India; he emphasises upon importance of personal vision and will to excel in different domains.

Extracts from the Interview:

Life After MBA

Many a times, students are not sure of what they want to do after completing their MBA. Although,  a majority of them they have a vague idea or a wish list regarding what they want or expected after walking out of a B-school. For instance, they might be looking for a good career, excellent job, high salary and may a chance to be posted outside India and be exposed to the global business scenario. So, these are the basic expectations that students have when they join a B-school. And these expectations do get addressed, to an extent, through good placements that top MBA colleges in India provide the students.

But, there are a few students for whom the clarity of thought with regards to their career and what they want to do after completing their MBA is attained after completing five to six years into their corporate life. This is the time when they have paid off their dues and also gathered some funds using which they can start thinking of starting their own ventures. This is the time when they start thinking about being an entrepreneur.

Another set of people after completing their five or six years into their corporate life, feel that they want to join academics. This is when they come back to their respective mentors for guidance as to which foreign universities to join to complete their doctoral studies and become professors, not only in Indian B-schools but some even abroad.

At time, what management graduates do after completing their MBA also depends upon the culture that is prevalent at their respective B-schools. IIM Calcutta has a culture which encourages its students to do a variety of things. For instance, one IIM Calcutta alumnus, VinayakLohani currently runs an ashram for orphans near the institute. Similarly, Mali MastanBabu, another popular alumnus of IIM Calcutta was a renowned mountaineer who holds the distinction of summiting all the seven tallest peaks in the world. He took up the job of helping several teams summiting Mt Kilimanjaro. Another example is, Deepak Dhamija - the ex-president of the student council at IIM Calcutta. He currently runs a famous theatre group in Delhi.

So, just because someone graduates from a B-school doesn’t mean that their career choices are limited to business world or the corporate life. B-schools like IIM Calcutta also produce students who pursue lesser known career options and excel in them. The skills and tools that you learn during your MBA helps in excelling in any career option that you choose.

About the Expert:

Prof. Anindya Sen is a faculty of the Economics Group at IIM Calcutta. In addition, he was also the Dean - Academic & Programme Initiatives at IIM Calcutta in the past. He has also been a member of the Board of Governors as the faculty representative at IIM Calcutta. Apart from IIM Calcutta, he has also been associated with IIM Ranchi as Director In-charge for over two and a half years.

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