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MBA Quantitative Aptitude Questions & Answers – Set Theory Set-I

Archana Shandilya

1. In a batch of 120 students numbered 1 to 120, all even numbered students opt for Economics, those whose numbers are divisible by 5 opt for Chemistry and those whose numbers are divisible by 7 opt for Mathematics. How many opt for none of the three subjects?

a) 19

b) 41

c) 21

d) 57

2. Of the 200 candidates who were interviewed for a position at a BPO, 100 had a mobile; 70 had a tablet and 140 had a laptop. 40 of them had both a mobile and a tablet; 30 had both a tablet and a laptop; 60 had both a mobile and a laptop; and 10 had all three. How many candidates had none of the three?

a) 0

b) 20

c) 10

d) 18

MBA Quantitative Aptitude Basic Concepts – Set Theory

3. In a batch of 40 students, 12 enrolled for both French and Spanish. 22 enrolled for Spanish. If the students of the class enrolled for at least one of the two subjects, then how many students enrolled for only French and not Spanish?

a) 30

b) 10

c) 18

d) 28

4. In a class, 40% of the students enrolled for Computers and 70% enrolled for Physical Education. If 15% of the students enrolled for both Computers and Physical Education, what % of the students of the class did not enroll for either of the two subjects?

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a) 5%

b) 15%

c) 0%

d) 25%

5. A survey was conducted of 100 people to find out whether they had read recent issues of Golmal, a monthly magazine. The summarized information regarding readership in 3 months is given below: Only September: 18; September but not August: 23; September and July: 8; September: 28; July: 48; July and August: 10; none of the three months: 24. What is the number of surveyed people who have read exactly two consecutive issues (out of the three)?

1) 7

2) 9

3) 12

4) 14

A note on Sets and its Applications: CAT Quantitative Aptitude

Quantitative Aptitude: Practice questions on Set Theory

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In this section we will explain the rationale for choosing the answer pertaining to every question. After practicing these MCQ(s), you would be able to understand the concepts of CI & SI.


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