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MBA Verbal Ability Questions & Answers – Analogies or Reverse Analogies Set-I

Archana Shandilya

Practice Questions on Analogies (MBA Verbal Ability)

Directions (1 – 10): The following questions have a pair of words having a relationship followed by another pair in which one of them is missing. Understand the relationship between the parts of the first and then select from the options below that best suits the missing part of the second pair.

1. Cricket: ground::Athletics: __? __

a) Course

b) Field

c) Court

d) Table

2. Exercise: Fitness::Crime: __? __

a) Trial

b) Sentence

c) Punishment

d) Death

3. Bird: Cage::Horse: __? __

a) Hive

b) Cattle

c) Den

d) Stable

4. Man: Woman::Bull: __? __

a) Bovine

b) Calf

c) Cattle

d) Cow

5. Kidney: Nephrology::Brain: __? __

a) Cardiology

b) Physiology

c) Anatomy

d) Neurology

6. Perimeter: Square:: __? __ : Circle

a) Radius

b) Diameter

c) Circumference

d) Centrifuge

7. Tennis: Racquet::Golf: __? __

a) Prune

b) Club

c) Stick

d) Glove

8. Skin: Feel::Eye: __? __

a) Ball

b) Vicious

c) See

d) Vision

9. Matter: Vacuum::Government: __? __

Trending Now

a) Anarchy

b) Democracy

c) Monarchy

d) Corrupt

10. Iron: anemia::Sleep: __? __

a) Somnambulism

b) Dreams

c) Insomnia

d) Nightmare


Ques 1

Ques 2

Ques 3

Ques 4

Ques 5

Ques 6

Ques 7

Ques 8

Ques 9

Ques 10












Explanation (1): Cricket is played in a ground whereas athletic events take place in a field.

Explanation (2): There is a cause and effect relationship. Fitness is the result of exercise and punishment will be the result of any crime committed.

Explanation (3):  A bird is kept in a cage and a horse is kept in a stable.

Explanation (4): There is a sex relationship that is a male opposed to a female; like a man to a woman and a bull to a cow.

Explanation (5): Study of Kidney is Nephrology and the study of brain is called Neurology.

Explanation (6): The length of the boundary of a square is the perimeter and that of a circle is circumference.

Explanation (7): Tennis is played with a racquet to hit the ball and in Golf the ball is hit with a club.

Explanation (8): The sense of skin is feeling and that of eyes is vision.

Explanation (9): Absence of matter is vacuum and absence of government is anarchy.

Explanation (10): Iron deprivation is Anemia and the condition in which there is sleep deprivation is Insomnia.

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